3 Coins Under $1 With Huge Profit Potential!

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Since analysts have confirmed a new bull market, and investors are searching for the best cryptos to invest in. Although Bitcoin has been the talk of the bull market, the common investor finds it tough to stack the coin due to its high price. 

Smaller cap coins have also been known to yield enormous gains in bull markets. If you’re seeking for the best cheap crypto to buy right now, this post is for you. We’ll discuss why Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), Ripple ($XRP), and Mantle ($MNT) are poised for huge gains in the bull market.


The Dual Utility of Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Gives it Massive Upside Potential

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) has solved the problem of lack of utility in meme coins by incorporating an immersive play-to-earn gaming environment into the meme culture. A captivating Web 3 runner game, which takes place in an intriguing universe where foxes sprint through many worlds, is the basis of the ecosystem.

Within the game, players will compete in intergalactic competitions against other players to become the most powerful force in the virtual world. There will be an intergalactic leaderboard in this virtual environment where points will be recorded. 

In addition to the awards they already receive in the game, players in the top 20% will receive additional rewards. These rewards can be exchanged in the in-ecosystem marketplace to increase game profitability. Additionally, $GFOX has utilities that make it stand out, such as exclusive access to rare NFTs, stake rewards, and different earning opportunities. 

The dual-utility of Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) has made it one of the best cryptos to invest in now. While it is being traded at $0.000878, analysts have projected a 1,000% price surge in the coming bull market. The earning opportunities and massive gains potential has made $GFOX one of the best cryptos to invest in.

Ripple ($XRP) Set for Major Rally 

Since Ripple was sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2023, the price of $XRP has dropped significantly. As a result, many analysts have stated that the Ripple price is now undervalued. 

There are expectations that the case will be concluded by April 2024. With this happening during the Bitcoin halving, analysts have given strong bullish predictions for XRP. 

EGRAG crypto has predicted that the price of Ripple could increase as high as $1.30 by 2024. From there, the coin is expected to be one of the best altcoins to buy. He has forecasted a 4,500% before the end of 2025, repeating its massive surge from 2017.

Mantle ($MNT) Projected To Set New ATH By 2024

Mantle Network gained popularity just months after its launch in July 2023. The network has a modular architecture combining an optimistic roll-up protocol with an innovative data availability solution. 

This unique structure allowed Mantle Network to inherit security from Ethereum while offering cheaper and more accessible data availability. With the layer-2 network gaining attention because of its efficiency and scalability, it has become a favourite among developers.

As more developers move to the mantle network, analysts have forecasted a significant surge for the $MNT coin. While $MNT has ranged between $0.500 and $0.600, the altcoin has been projected to rally as high as $3 by Q1 2024.

Closing Thoughts

Those looking to grow or diversify their crypto portfolio with promising coins can jump in on these three coins. However, $GFOX has shown the most potential for people looking for the best cryptocurrency investment for the first half of 2024. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure what could potentially be one of the best cryptos to invest in for the bull market. 

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