Algorand, Zilliqa, and Elrond Turn as Potential Contenders To Buy The Dip

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The hunt for altcoins has been growing fierce each passing day, as a new year approaches

The merchants of the coin market have been hunting for capable altcoins to bag ahead of the receding year. As the much-anticipated alt season fast approaches the block. Traders and hodlers in the business have been looking out for projects catering to emerging sectors, with growing utility. Whilst holding entry zones for placing buy-orders.

The crypto sphere has been perceiving a myriad of projects emerging from the shadows. While a handful of those have been enticing savvies in the business. Algorand, Zilliqa, and Elrond have been hand-picked as these protocols have been unleashing the potential at utilitarian fronts. Whilst holding positions for entry positions.

Should Traders Consider These Altcoins? 

Algorand (ALGO): 

  Algorand has been out of the limelight off-late, with the price of its native token ALGO tracing the footprints of the market cycle. The digital asset has been taking a fall, with entry positions, post its rise in September. However, the count of adoptions is growing at a steady pace. Algorand integrates with the XP network, the integration provides users greater mobility for NFTs.

SEA, a citizen science project towards saving the sea, will be building the Sea Nexus on Algorand. The project has received a grant of $200k from the Algorand foundation. The firm is hosting an innovative global hackathon for developers to learn to build apps on the platform. With over $100,000 worth of prizes. An integration with WYRE will enable seamless and secure transactions of FIAT/crypto, and crypto/crypto.

Zilliqa (ZIL):

 Zilliqa has been trending on public platforms, as crypto geeks have been showing interest in the portal. Zilliqa has been making its presence felt, with its venture into the metaverse with Metapolis, which has caught the interest of Meta. In addition to the growing catalysts reported by CoinPedia, Zilliqa now has more feathers on the cap to boast about.

DeMons, a metaverse platform of decentralized monsters, hosts exclusive collectible NFT series for the Zilliqa community. Users can participate and get hands-on future DeMons drops. Moreover, users of the ZilSwap can take part in The Bear market’s metaverse to forage for the perks. 

Zilliqa is now also available on Uniswap V3 DEX, which is a moment to cheer for the fraternity. However, the price of the digital asset has been trending south, similar to that from the previous year. An entry could make way for a potential break out to greater highs.

Elrond (EGLD):

EGLD has been making corrections post the impulse wave in November. Elrond is now one of the capable altcoins to bag ahead of the new year, with its developments and adoptions. The team behind the Elrond network has been making significant progress. 

The week has seen progress in NFTs for creative utility, interoperability for cross-chain value flow. Staking of Phase-4 to accelerate decentralization and the DeFi services. Coming to adoptions and partnerships, the alliance with Exodus will enable over 1.25 M users to get direct access to EGLD in Exodus mobile and desktop wallet. 

The protocol’s integration with Chainge Finance enables EGLD and ESDTs to flow between Ethereum, BSC, and other L2 blockchains. Which will be an imperative catalyst for interoperability boost. EGLD is now listed on ByBit.

Collectively, the aforementioned platforms have been rising above the odds with the flourishing utility. With the price action being bland on the charts, these hold potential entry zones ahead of a moonish run. Hopefully, these assets will bear the Olympic flame for the alt season. 

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