Altbase Token Begins Mainstream Athlete Acquisition

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Altbase – a project with a token on the Binance Smart Chain and a soon-to-be-released, redeveloped altcoin exchange on iOS and Android, is soon to make a major announcement regarding a significant endorsement agreement with some heavy-hitting, big named sports stars.

The Altbase project has experienced a string of successes in recent weeks and is currently undertaking a complete restructure of the back and front ends, aiming to overhaul almost every aspect of the community organization.

The changes being implemented are having a big impact on the community sentiment towards the project and investors are starting to take notice, with a significant increase in market cap reflecting this.

Altbase Begins Acquisition of Sports Star Partnerships

The project is currently working behind the scenes and has secured partnerships with some of the biggest names in sport for ongoing endorsements and promotion.

These partnerships are yet to be officially announced to the public but further details are expected to be publicized in the coming days.

The new partnerships will help promote the Altbase brand to a new range of potential investors and further increase the string of successes that the project has been experiencing over previous weeks. Startup for $ALTB and Associate Price Action

Along with incoming acquisitions, the token ($ALTB) will see a startup campaign and marketing arrangement in collaboration with leading exchange

The anticipated startup event is expected to be a significant milestone for Altbase, symbolizing a positive end to an action-packed year for the project.

The event will utilize both the substantial user base associated with Gate, and their famous airdrop campaign. 

There will be over 19 million $ALTB tokens distributed as part of the airdrop that is included in the startup promotion.

The results so far for the event have seen over 15,000 users contribute 42 million USDT, a total of 28,500% of the desired target, demonstrating the appeal Altbase has created for their token following their rebrand and migration.

As news broke of the upcoming listing and event on Gate, the Altbase token saw a dramatic uplift in market cap, doubling from a previous high of 7 million to a new 14 million.

The Gate startup event is set to begin on 23rd Dec at 6 AM UTC, with full listing going live the following day later on the 24th Dec UTC.

The Rebrand Strategy is Nearing Completion

Altbase is reaching the final stages of the overhaul of the rebranding strategy that has taken place over the past few months.

The goal has been to distance itself from the meme coin connotation that has been synonymous with the project since its inception during the height of the meme coin movement. 

The project has undertaken a complete redesign across all areas including their name and logo, while combining all aspects of their services under the new brand of Altbase.

With help from crypto website developers and marketing agency Coinpresso, a new website and home for Altbase has been created that encompasses all areas of the brand under one roof.

As part of the rebranding efforts, the project has also successfully completed a migration of its native token on the BSC to a new smart contract, with the new token name of $ALTB.

The migration was completed to create a much-needed change in the tokenomics model in order to increase compatibility with more exchanges and to remove the barriers that prevented it from becoming an effective trading pair with other tokens inside its own application.

The new smart contract is just one of many stages in the project’s roadmap of evolving into a complete exchange offering and an ultimate solution for investors seeking to buy altcoins and meme coins

New Application Soon to Launch

The application that was previously famous for enabling simple methods of transacting in altcoins has nearly reached the final steps and will soon be ready for a full market release on both iOS and Android. 

The application is created using a market-leading approach and builds on some of the more popular crypto-based applications available and enhances them.

With a simple and easy-to-use interface, users can purchase their favorite altcoins quickly and without hassle.

Additionally, they have improved charts for tracking price movement, have provided the ability to add contacts for fast transactions to peers, and enabled fast fiat to crypto conversion using a debit or credit card.

The final touches and quality checks are being undertaken now, with further details for the upcoming application launch due to be announced soon.

Action Packed Q4 for Altbase

Ken Llamas – Altbase CEO, has recently returned from a brief hiatus, announcing from his YouTube channel to expect regular updates from himself regarding future plans and developments for the Altbase platform.

There was a special mention of a new development team coming on board and to expect exciting things to happen with a planned NFT Marketplace in the coming months.

Altbase has had a successful run over previous weeks and based on the upcoming Gate listing, application launch, NFT updates, and endorsement news, they still have plenty up their sleeve to impress investors. 

The project has experienced a significant increase in market cap, helped along with a buyback strategy that is being implemented at random.

The most recent buyback saw a sharp increase in trading volume, which has now settled at a 7 million market cap from the time of writing.

The team has similar moves planned for the near future, aimed to help bring a steady flow of funds back into the contract.

Altbase has one objective – to be the number one brand people recognize and turn to when investing in altcoins, with many tokens listed through their platform unavailable across most major exchanges.

Now that they have completed the front-end rebranding, and with the application nearing completion, they are moving on to bring new ideas and partnerships to the project.

Further announcements regarding the entire platform including the reveal of the new sport star acquisitions are expected to be publicized soon.



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