Are MATIC, EGLD, LUNA, And DOT The Altcoins To Hodl For A 3X Surge By Q2 Of 2022?

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The cryptoverse’s corrections have paved the way for newer opportunities for older hands. To bag potential coins, which are now up for grabs at slashed rates. In an ocean of  opportunities, which now has emerging projects such as NFTs, Metaverse, and DeFi. Mainstream cryptocurrencies remain the primary priority of savvies.

The hunt for capable digital cryptos is a never ending quest, as deep pocketed investors tend not to miss out on golden opportunities. Out of higher performing alts, coins such as MATIC, EGLD, LUNA, and DOT are under the radar of buyers. The said projects hold strong fundamentals, and have been doing appreciably well at utility fronts.

Will These Altcoins Make Riches This Alt Season?

Polygon (MATIC):

Polygon has been failing not to impress, with its sack full of initiatives and use cases. In a series of recent updates, the makers have chalked updates and recommendations on the current state of Polygon PoS. Which is a permissionless network and has been working as per the blueprint. The team cites that there is a high level of activity, mainly from bots farming on DeFi apps. The transaction fees are lower at $0.1-0.5. 

The Polygon team has been working on multiple solutions to improve capabilities of the platform, which include EIP-1559 that improves the fee market, Polygon PoS v3 that introduces significant architecture improvements, ZK-Rollup based solutions, and Polygon SDK. Polygon has achieved numerous milestones the previous year, which include over 100M wallets, 3k+ applications, over 1Billion transactions, Web 3.0 initiatives and more.

Elrond (EGLD):

The team has launched the Maiar Exchange, which lets users trade USDC with the Elrond token, which has created buzz in the community. The Maiar DEX has attracted significant TVL & adoption, and has managed to add new products, features and improvements. The Maiar exchange holds $2 B in TVL, which includes 1 Billion MEX being staked and 2 million EGLD. 

Moreover, Elrond’s recent listing on Huobi gives exposure to 10M+ new users who will gain access to Elrond. Huobi being one of the most popular and secure exchanges in the world, gives weightage to Elrond’s traffic influx.

In addition, the Maiar Defi wallet will  upgrade the web3 experience of users. The Maiar wallet also enables users to send and receive NFTs. More than 20,000 users already own an NFT on Elrond.

Terra (LUNA):

Terra is one of the projects which has been making notable buzz in the cryptosphere. The users get access to a host of projects outside the Terra ecosystem that airdrop for LUNA stakers. Which further empowers the community of the protocol.

In addition, LUNI onTerra,  a project built on Terra, has come up with its first overview of LUNILAND. Which  will be the first Metaverse with plots and passive income on Terra. The move gives Terra a share of the emerging Metaverse industry.

The makers of Terra are set to commit $139 Million in 5 different DeFi Projects across Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana to Enhance the utility of UST. The initiative is inline with the makers aim to make UST a dominant player in the industry.

Polkadot (DOT): 

  Polkadot’s parachain auctions have been the network’s biggest USP’s, such that Polkadot and parachains are now spelled in chorus. A new parachain slot auction has commenced, which will open doors for a myriad of contenders in the space.

 A report by Messari reveals that 21 out of the world’s 53 most leading fund managers have actively invested in DOT last year, making it one of the most sought-after assets.

As previously reported by CoinPedia, there are several crowd loans, which are active for next auctions. About 10.1% of all DOT tokens are locked up for crowd loans or for parachain slots. 

Moreover, the itinerary for the current year remains action packed, with a host of events that include more parachain slots, decentralized bridges, developments in the roots, parathreads, and more.

Summing up, the aforementioned altcoins hold immense potential to lead the alt season at forefront. Provided favouring circumstances fall into place. The robust fundamentals, coupled with developmental initiatives, community engagements, and utility could empower the assets for run with bulls in near future.

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