Big Eyes Coin And FTX –  The Next ERC-20 Crypto Tokens to Explode Next to Litecoin

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The Ethereum merge is the most significant singular incident that caused many stirs in the crypto space. We live in the post-merge Era, utilizing the improved Ethereum blockchain and a proof-of-stake consensus protocol. 

Even though Ethereum developers still have lots of improvements to make as they help Ethereum become scalable, its users can benefit from some significant features right now.

Big Eyes Coin and FTX, crypto projects built on Ethereum, have been given a fertile ecosystem to thrive. The proof-of-stake protocol makes any crypto project acceptable to crypto enthusiasts. It creates several opportunities they can leverage to enrich themselves.

In addition to the features made available by the Ethereum merge, Big Eyes is big on rewards. It intends to give back to its society by helping its users make more money. Big Eyes has also made provisions to become the first project that actively strives to make the earth a better place for humans and animals.

How will Big Eyes achieve all these goals? This article briefly overviews Big Eyes’ goals and achievements, indicating why you should buy the Big Eyes token presale. It will also contrast Big Eyes with pre-existing projects like FTX and Litecoin.

Goals Of The Big Eyes Crypto Project

Big Eyes is one of the meme coin crypto projects that will significantly impact operations within the crypto space. A factor that makes it unique is its base meme.

Before the introduction of Big Eyes, many meme-inspired projects focused on the DOGE meme. Dogecoin, the first meme project, created this trend, and several projects have followed its path.

Big Eyes does not want to be a copycat. Instead, it promises to utilize the cuteness of its cat meme to become the next trend for subsequent meme projects. 

In addition to its unique theme, Big Eyes will further leverage its cuteness to build the most extensive NFT collection. It intends to achieve an NFT marketplace that ranks high among others. To achieve this goal, it has put several reward opportunities in place to attract numerous designers to trade on its platform.

Achievements Of The Big Eyes Crypto Project

The Big Eyes promises to be a project that will support both users and non-users. In addition to rewarding its users for their support, it is devoted to solving crucial environmental problems. Big Eyes has selected one of the issues that threaten life on the planet, ocean degradation, and it is making an active move to curb this menace.

Big Eyes promises to fund several charitable organizations to help it fulfill its eco-friendly goals. Big Eyes has also set aside 5% of its ERC-20 tokens to support this cause.

As an indication that Big Eyes is generous, it made a $1000 donation to the Luna Children’s Charity. It is also hosting a $250k  giveaway for its early adopters in exchange for completing a few social media tasks. You can verify these achievements on the Big Eyes Official Twitter Handle. 

Big Eyes Next To Litecoin And FTX

Litecoin is one of the earliest crypto projects in this space. It began its operations in 2011 and closely mimicked Bitcoin’s proof-of-work protocol. It rewards miners for ensuring the smooth operation of its network.

Litecoin has a native crypto token that rewards miners on its blockchain. This token has the ticker symbol “LTC” and is used for peer-to-peer transactions. With LTC, users can engage in borderless transactions in a reliable environment.

FTX is among the numerous centralized exchanges (CEX) within the crypto space. It leveraged the Ethereum blockchain to power its native token with “FTT” as its ticker symbol. The FTX CEX allows users to enjoy trading leveraged tokens, futures, and spot trading. 

FTX has substantial insurance to help secure its users’ funds. This insurance ensures FTX users remain profitable despite the volatility plaguing the crypto space.

Big Eyes will be more than a DeFi utility token. It will leverage the benefits of the new Ethereum blockchain to push its operations beyond the limits of any other meme coin. Instead of a centralized crypto exchange, Big Eyes will launch its DEX called Big Eyes Swap, facilitating smooth token swaps.

How To Buy The Big Eyes Presale

Fund your ERC-20 compatible crypto wallet with ETH, BNB, or USDT tokens to purchase BIG crypto tokens during the presale. Visit the Big Eyes crypto website of the wallet browser and link your wallet. Indicate the amount you’d be buying and approve the transaction.

The Big Eyes project has excellent potential. It might become one of the most significant meme projects in this space. Please participate in the token presale today to enjoy its benefits.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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