Billion Dollar Fund Invests In Stratis Protocol

Alphabit, a billion-dollar fund, has invested in the Stratis Protocol, with a firm commitment of injecting millions of dollars over the next two years.

This will significantly help in the growth and development of Stratis, which is a Blockchain-as-a-Solution (BaaS) platform. As Stratis CEO Chris Trew puts it:

“We are thrilled to partner with Alphabit, one of the world’s first regulated digital asset investment funds. Alphabit’s initial injection, in conjunction with their further investment commitment, will unquestionably assist in accelerating the adoption of Stratis Technologies, while cementing Stratis as the go-to platform for Microsoft .NET Blockchain development.”

What is Stratis?

The Stratis protocol is an implementation of Bitcoin in C# on the Microsoft .NET core platform. It aims to bring BaaS to businesses via the Azure cloud along with tool customization.

The Stratis ecosystem has the following components – the Stratis Identity, Supply Trust, an STO Platform for launching securities, and Stratis Smart Contracts developed in the C# programming language. 

Stratis has been designed in a way that they can easily integrate with existing legacy operations and enable smooth, smart contract execution. It’s because of these reasons that Alphabit believes that it will grow exponentially. Liam Robertson, the CEO of Alphabit, said:

“Stratis Protocol, after analysis, fits neatly into our investment thesis, and we believe the potential for growth for Stratis to be exponential. We are delighted to welcome Stratis into our portfolio and look forward to supporting them over the coming months and years.”

What is Alphabit?

Alphabit is a company that specializes in investments in blockchain and distributed ledger technology projects. They offer various advisory services and act as the primary investment advisor to the Alphabit Fund – one of the world’s first regulated digital asset investment funds. As per their website, the goals of Alphabit are as follows:

“We have the goal of sharing our expertise with promising projects and advancing the overall level of development and professionalism in cryptocurrency space. This is an economy which combines all the challenges of finance, game theory, and computer science. It is our goal to guide clients through the challenges of today’s market and create the token economy of the future.”

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 



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