Binance Partners With Crypto Air Tickets To Offer Airplane Tickets Via Binance Marketplace

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The crypto industry has largely influenced several sectors of businesses, and Binance is leading the future path of the industry.

Recently, the leading crypto giant collaborated with Crypto Air Tickets to start offering users airplane tickets via the Binance marketplace. Through this announcement, Binance aims to provide a hassle-free and smooth experience by adopting the crypto lifestyle.

Start Your Vacation With Crypto

Ever wondered about the things you can do with your crypto profits? Besides buying crypto-related products, Binance will now enable users to do a lot more with crypto as one can now book their flight tickets through their crypto wallet on the Binance Pay. The partnership with Crypto Air Tickets will now allow users to pay and book flight tickets using their crypto funding.

Binance made it easier and more convenient for users to fly with crypto without the requirement of multiple logins or app switching. This partnership features a wide range of coverage, including 1,000 airlines and 9,000 destinations.

The application of the Crypto Air Tickets is user-friendly as it integrates the Binance Pay infrastructure. Let’s find out how users can book tickets using their crypto wallet on the Binance Pay.

To fly using crypto, you first need to log in to your Binance account and ensure that you have switched to the pro mode. Then you need to drag down your homepage to access the Binance Marketplace. After that, you need to go to the mini apps section located in the marketplace and choose Crypto Air Tickets to book your first-ever flight with your crypto wallet.

A Wide Adoption Of The Web3 Technology

This year has been eventful for Binance as it has widespread its blockchain offerings across the world. Binance’s total number of users has witnessed an exponential growth of 49% as of now.

This crypto winter has not affected Binance much as the crypto giant is continuously looking for more expansion and offering opportunities. 

Binance achieved this excellent growth due to its several expansions worldwide and coordination with local regulators and government authorities. Recently, Binance gained the operating licence to provide its offerings in Kazakhstan.

Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao believes that proper partnerships with regulations will eventually help to adopt the blockchain technology as mainstream. 

Zhao said, “We want to identify and invest in one or two targets in every economic sector and try to bring them into crypto. The strategy is about making the crypto industry bigger.”

As each day passes, Binance is coming up with new partnerships and features and becoming a pioneer in driving web3. It is anticipated that more crypto firms will follow the trails of Binance and join together in paving the way for the crypto world. 

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