BIS envisions global ‘Finternet’ running on unified ledger technology

The BIS introduced the unified ledger concept last year and has been singing its praises as a framework for better financial transactions.

The Bank for International Settlements has presented its fullest and strongest argument so far for unified ledger technology in a paper coauthored by BIS chief Agustin Carstens. The paper describes a “financial system for the future,” which it calls the Finternet, that would use unified ledgers as a vehicle.

Unified ledgers could remove a host of the pain points in the current financial system by improving speed, compliance and privacy in the financial system, the BIS paper claimed. Unified ledgers “bring together multiple financial asset markets […] as executable objects on common programmable platforms.” This flexibility offers advantages over digital transactions on other platforms:

Unified ledgers “combine all the components needed to complete financial transactions—financial assets, ownership records, rules governing their use and other relevant information—in a single venue.” This gives them the potential to overcome issues related to technical standards and governance and eliminate third-party messaging systems.

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