Bitcoin 2021 Is Moving To Miami

We have heard from the community loud and clear: Bitcoin 2021 has to happen, and it has to be in person.

We were building an incredible experience in Los Angeles, and we were pumped to show you everything that we had in store but ultimately, the uncertainty around Los Angeles in the post-COVID world made it impossible to host the event there this year. That’s why:

Bitcoin 2021 is moving to Miami, targeting June 4 to 5!

We had to find a city that would provide an incredible experience, remain open for business and welcome the Bitcoin community with open arms. Miami is that city! Mayor Francis Suarez is making a play to establish Miami as the Bitcoin capital of the world, so naturally he’s asked us to bring the largest Bitcoin conference in history to his city, as soon as it’s safe for attendees and residents!

In the spirit of radical transparency, we’d like you to know where exactly we stand with Miami. The city and Mayor Suarez have partnered with us to make this event happen in Miami. Miami wants to be the first city to facilitate in-person events safely again, and Bitcoin 2021 will be one of, if not the, first such event. However, the mayor and his team have asked us to remain flexible on the dates in case they determine that June will not be a feasible time to host us.

The conference team will work toward the goal of hosting the conference from June 4 to 5, and we will continue to work with the mayor, along with the county and state governments, to make it happen, but we ask that you remain flexible about these dates along with us. As soon as we get full approval that June 4 to 5 will work, we will lock in those dates.

Other Changes

We’ve needed to change some other elements of the event in order to make it work with venues in Miami, one of which is capacity. We will have a COVID-restricted capacity of 6,000 people, and we’ve already sold over 2,000 tickets. That’s already bigger than Bitcoin 2019 was. If you want to join us at Bitcoin 2021, we highly encourage you to purchase your ticket now. This event will sell out.

One of the things we’ve learned through this process is that we need to overcommuniate our plans and backup plans so that our attendees can have the clarity they deserve. We’ve gone ahead and created gameplans should something unexpected come up again. If we’re unable to have the event on June 4 to 5, we will postpone once again to later this year in Miami. If that event somehow also isn’t able to take place, we will be rolling the whole conference into Bitcoin 2022.


If you are unable to attend this event in Miami, and you have already purchased a ticket, please click here and we will process your full refund. All refund requests must be made before February 22, 2021.

If you decide to purchase a ticket to this event in Miami, and then we have to change plans again per the gameplans listed above, you will be able to request a full refund. We want you to have full confidence that when you purchase a ticket to Bitcoin 2021, should anything in our plans be forced to change, you will be able to get your money back.

Thank You

We want to give a HUGE thank you to our community, attendees, partners and speakers! You’ve had to remain as flexible as we have through these past few months, and we’re extremely grateful that you’ve stuck with us. Bitcoin 2021 will be well worth the wait.

Lastly, we’re sharing this news with our attendees and community as we share it with our speakers and sponsors, so it is possible that there will be changes to our speaker and content lineup as a result of this move. Please bear with us as we work through those changes, but rest assured that Bitcoin 2021 will deliver on the best and most thought-provoking Bitcoin program ever held in one place.

We remain committed to our efforts to over-communicate, and emphasize transparency in all of our updates and communications as we move forward. 

We’ve got a new sandbox in the land of surf and sun, and we’re building you something spectacular!

See you in Miami!

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