Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024 : Here’s a Fancy 6-digit Target for BTC Price

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Last week’s performance of Bitcoin (BTC) was quite impressive as Bitcoin finally succeeded in breaking beyond the $20,000 barrier. But the BTC began to decline as the weekend approached. As of the time of writing, BTC had fallen to $19k.

Even if the market turns bearish during the next several days, it is anticipated that the performance of the Bitcoin price will stay stable.

But in the next few days, Bitcoin might respond to the FED’s action. A hawkish FED may result in selling pressure that lowers the price of Bitcoin

The rainbow price chart from the Bitcoincenter is one of the resources used to predict potential Bitcoin price movement. The graph shows how past Bitcoin values can provide a hint as to how the asset might behave in the future.

By October 9, 2024, when the leading cryptocurrency reaches the “Maximum Bubble Territory,” denoted by the dark red color, the chart predicts that, assuming the historical pattern holds, Bitcoin may reach a six-figure value of $626,383.

The pattern also suggests that the current crypto winter may have reached its bottom. Notably, the $19,500 price of Bitcoin today falls within the blue-hued “Basically a Fire Sale” zone.

The last time Bitcoin reached that amount historically was in March 2022, when the unit traded for about $5,000. As a result, Bitcoin started to rise, reaching an all-time high of around $69,000 by the end of 2021.

The rainbow chart bands have changed throughout time to better reflect previous performances, it is important to note.

However, the color bands are not a part of the scientific foundation; they just follow logarithmic regression.

The makers of the chart specifically mention how entertaining it is to consider Bitcoin’s potential future performance.

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