Bitcoin To Gain 1B Unique Users By 2030, Claims Top Analyst!

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It’s been a while that the star cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is struggling to get its hold above $20,000, but has failed every time. Last week the flagship currency had even plunged to $18,000 area before regaining $19,000 level.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $19,263 after a surge of 0.70% over the last 24hrs. Immediate resistance lies near $19,280 while the support is positioned near $19,250.

Meanwhile, a renowned crypto analyst is of the opinion that Bitcoin is on the verge of hitting one billion unique traders in the next few years.

1M Bitcoin Users By 2025

The analyst who is known as Will Woo informs his one million Twitter followers that in the next 3 years. He claims that the King currency gained 1,000 users in six month and nearly five years for one million users.

He then says currently Bitcoin has more than 300 million users which is 4% of the world population.

#Bitcoin took 6 months to get 1000 users; 5 years to find 1 million users.

Today, 13.8 years from inception, it has 300m+ users, 4% of the world.

At current growth rates, 1 billion users will be hit in the next 3 years. That’s 12% of the world.

— Willy Woo (@woonomic) October 12, 2022

While Willy claims Bitcoin to see one billion unique users in 2025, other market experts believe that the overall crypto market will hit that target in the next ten years.

As per a combined report from consulting firm BCG, Bitget which is a crypto derivatives exchange and Foresight Ventures, a Blockchain investment institution, overall crypto users will hit one billion by 2030.

Next, Willy Woo talks about the first country that accepted Bitcoin as a legal tender, El Salvador where he says after BTC was accepted there in Sept 2021, within a year the number of people using bitcoin was almost equal to its banking adoption.

El Salvador #Bitcoin adoption nearly matched its banking adoption in its first 8 months since launch.

Of the total population…
40% downloaded Chivo Wallet
20% continued to use it (May 2022)
25% have bank accounts (2021)

The Bitcoin launch was Sep 2021.

— Willy Woo (@woonomic) October 11, 2022

Lastly, Willy woo asserts that after getting a $30 BTC bonus, 20% of the country’s people use Chivo, a wallet that allows users to send and receive Bitcoin and or Dollar.

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