Bitcoiner raises the orange flag on Mount Everest

After weeks of climbing and acclimating to the altitude, Dadvan Yousuf removed the Bitcoin flag from his bag to show it off at the top of the world.

A 23-year-old crypto user has presented an orange flag with the Bitcoin (BTC) logo for observers to see at an elevation of 8,849 meters — the summit of Mount Everest.

In a May 23 X post, Dadvan Yousuf announced he had climbed the highest mountain in the world, reaching the summit on May 20. Surrounded by sherpas and fellow climbers, he used his time at the summit to show off two flags: for Kurdistan and the BTC logo.

“Funnily enough, other climbers asked about the memecoin pepe and where the best place to buy it was on the highest place on earth,” A spokesperson for Yousuf told Cointelegraph. “The sherpas were enthusiastic about the principle of Bitcoin and were visibly happy.”

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