Blockchain Technology: How To Become A Blockchain Expert

In this post, I will be discussing the blockchain technology and how you can become a blockchain expert.

Blockchain Technology is one of the most innovative technologies in the world.

As is with such technologies, opportunities abound in such field.

So today, you will learn how you can tap from this unmined opportunity field.

If you are good to go, let’s hit the road at once.

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What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a decentralized global database that anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection can use and view.

Think of it as a spreadsheet that is shared by every computer in the world that is connected to the internet.

Each time a transaction occurs, it is recorded in the spreadsheet.

Now because it is decentralized(i.e not owned by any single authority), no single person can alter the records.

I mean, even if you do on your own copy of the spreadsheet, there are a thousand other spreadsheets that will contradict your record if you choose to alter it.

This technology was first put to use when Bitcoin (the very first cryptocurrency) was created by the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin is created and held on the Bitcoin blockchain. Here, verified transactions are placed in blocks forming a chain of blocks.

This brought about the name BLOCKCHAIN.

I will not be delving into the nitty-gritty of blockchain as it was explicitly discussed in this post: Blockchain Technology — A Comprehensive Guide.

In the crypto-verse today, many cryptocurrencies have sprung up and most of them possess their own unique blockchain (unique in the sense that it is modified to accomplish the coin’s aim).

**I said MOST OF THEM because there are others that use other protocols e.g IOTA which uses DAG, Stellar Lumens which uses SCP, etc.

But who are those that even set up these blockchains?

Find out the answer to this question below.

Who is a Blockchain Expert?

A Blockchain Expert is one who understands profoundly how the blockchain technology works.

With this knowledge, he/she is able to set up a blockchain and also build blockchain-based applications for businesses.

Additionally, a blockchain expert would have to know the basics of smart contracts, security, consensus method, programming languages, etc.

With the world going digital, the demand for blockchain experts rises by the day.

And since very few persons are qualified for the position, we see the pay rate becoming relatively high.

Guess you are already thinking to yourself: How do I become a blockchain expert?

Don’t worry, that is the exact question that I answered in the very next section.

Just scroll down.

How Do I Become a Blockchain Expert?

In blockchain technology, a series of career paths abound which include:

  • Developer
  • Solution Architect
  • UX Designer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Advisor
  • Consultant, etc

To become an expert in any of this, you will need to acquire training for it.

This training cuts across various fields ranging from programming languages to how to write smart contracts.

This means that you need to:

  • Have knowledge of enterprise and technology business processes
  • Study how a decentralized and distributed ledger works
  • Learn about different blockchain platforms
  • Specialize in programming languages
  • Comprehend blockchain architecture patterns
  • Develop cross-discipline broad skills
  • Register for a blockchain course and get certified

For you to get certified as a blockchain expert, you have to take up certification courses.

There are various certification courses that one can take up.

I listed them in the next section.

Blockchain Certification Courses

Some of the courses that one can take up to become a certified blockchain expert include:

1. Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE)

Taking up this course enable you to certify your blockchain knowledge over 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

It winds up with an exam where you are expected to score at least 60% plus out of 100% in order to get certified.

2. Certified Blockchain Security Professional (CBSP)

This course takes a closer look at the blockchain security. The course covers 12 sections and ends with a 70-questions exam.

For you to get certified after this course, you have to score 70% at least.

3. Certified Blockchain Architect (CBA)

Taking this course offers you the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of various blockchain architectures.

You will also learn the tools required to set up a blockchain, build network nodes, etc.

4. Certified Blockchain Professional (CBF)

This course aims at giving you an all-inclusive understanding of the blockchain in 4 phases.

It covers a vast curriculum from basic to advanced blockchain development techniques.

5. Certified Blockchain Developer (CBD)

This course, when completed, arms one with the main concepts of blockchain technology.

These concepts are frequently used across multiple industries to solve large scale problems.

It is conclude with an exam in which you are expected to score a minimum of 60% before you can be certified.

Other certification courses include:

  • International Certified Blockchain Technology (ICBT)
  • Corda Expert Track (CET)
  • Certified Quorum Developer (CQD)
  • Ethereum Developer Course (EDC)
  • Certified Solidity Developer (CSD)
  • Hyperledger Fabric Developer Course (HFDC)
  • Certified Smart Contract Developer (CSCD), etc

As can be seen, these certification courses focus on various specializations in blockchain technology.

Most of the courses last a minimum of 4 hours and at most 3 months(or more) depending on the number of hours you put in every week.

They are all paid courses but some of them allow free trials for a number of days before you sing up for it.

Upon completion of each course, each participant writes a qualification exam.

Participants are issued certificates when they scale through the exams.

Peradventure a participant fails to pass the exam, some course providers creates an avenue for a resit of the exam.

For some others, you will need to sign up for the course afresh, take the lessons again, and then rewrite the exam.

But hold up….What do I stand to gain if I become a blockchain expert?

Find out all you stand to gain in the next section.

Benefits of Becoming a Blockchain Expert

  • Higher pay rate
  • Greater job prospects
  • Better investment knowledge
  • Relevant knowledge that can be applied anywhere
  • Gives you an edge over others

I answered some of the FAQs about this topic below. Take a look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sites offer blockchain certification courses?

Some reputable sites that offer these courses include:
Blockchain Council
Blockchain Training Alliance
101 Blockchains 101 BlockChains
New Skills Academy
Udemy Udemy
SkillShare, etc Skillshare

What does the future hold for blockchain?

Considering the rate at which cryptocurrencies are blooming in various countries, one can’t help but notice that the world is going the crypto way.
Most businesses now are adopting the blockchain technology to enable them serve their users better.
Thus, it is not so hard to see that the blockchain technology is the silver bullet for businesses.
So the future is really bright for the blockchain technology.

What is the best certification course?

Exactly pin-pointing the answer here is quite difficult as our preferences differ.
What you will want to major in might not be my own spec.
So my humble advice is to make your course selections based on the career path you have chosen.


Here we come to the last part of this review.

While at it, I explained the blockchain technology briefly then went on to explain who a blockchain expert is.

I then gave a rundown of how you can become a blockchain expert and the benefits attached to that.

Now, it’s time to hear from you, dear reader.

Apart from the questions I answered above, do you have other questions?

Are a blockchain expert? What has been your experience so far?

And for the newbies, which of the courses will be signing up for?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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