Cash Flow Alert! XRP to Capture the Profits of BTC and ETH! XRP Price is Set to $5!

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Although the legal anguish continues to prevail, the XRP has managed to preserve its market cap at a decent phase year-to-date. However, the Crypto fraternity is hopeful of a case to end either in a court hearing or a settlement but to end by early 2022. 

CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse took to Twitter to express his outrage against SEC on the occurrence of the 1st year Birthday of the lawsuit. He said that the battle is just beginning and XRP will remain vigorous against any legal threats ahead. XRP is one of the classic options for payments that enables speedy, reliable, and scalable solutions, he added. 

XRP is Set to Capture Profits of BTC and ETH!

The asset is currently traded on over 200 crypto exchanges and is optimistic of relisting by Coinbase and other platforms post the lawsuit clearance. However, a US-based agency EMPOWR (Empower Oversight Whistleblowers & Research) sued SEC for constantly delaying lawsuit clearance against XRP.  As pleas are lauding for lawsuit clearance against the Ripple company by early 2022, the asset could get the opportunity to reach its true potential. 

So, when the money starts to flow from Bitcoin to XRP THAT is what is called “Alt-Coin” season?

And we’ll see the XRP to BTC ratio begin to go up?

Asking for a friend…

— Jeremy Hogan (@attorneyjeremy1) December 23, 2021

On the other hand,  Proponent Jeremy Hogan has expressed his conviction toward the altcoin. He is optimistic of cash flow to take a turn from BTC addresses to XRP in the coming days. Further, the asset may slowly and steadily start to outpower the flagship asset. However, as the new year is just around the corner, the XRPBTC pair is already making an upward move.

XRP Price to Hit $5? But When? 

The one-day chart of the trading view showcases the bullish outlook for the asset. However, the XRP price has managed to break out at $0.8 on 21st December. A quick upward trajectory from Bitcoin was the reason behind it. Once the market sentiment continues to be bullish, XRPBTC will explode. The upper threshold of $1.03 plays a key role in uplifting the price action above $1.5

Collectively, the Crypto fraternity is awaiting a positive kickstart for the asset ahead of the new year. Clearance of the lawsuit would give a solid boost for the XRP price action, where it would even hit the milestone of $5. One of the proponents shed a light on interesting analytics where maximum cash flow has been moving to altcoins instead of Bitcoin and Ethereum. XRP would make most of it ahead of the new year. 

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