CELL Protocol Launches Pre-mining to Strengthen Privacy Computing Metaverse Across Web 3.0

Singapore– CELL Protocol Foundation announced to launch its pre-mining network by mid of December 2021, a step forward in the company’s overarching mission to create a decentralised, highly secure, stable and robust universal privacy computing platform.

This milestone in CELL Protocol’s roadmap will see the company adopt inclusive participation through traditional CPU mining, encouraging healthy development of the industrial application of privacy protection as well as strengthening overall technological advancement in the computing sphere. 

The company will leverage Testnet applications to differentiate computing resources and create an open environment across its network, in-line with relevant corresponding approaches. An example of this will be in the provision of trusted hardware computing (TEE) and CPU general computing resources, with the former doubling up to provide multi-party Computing (MPC) nodes to allow for participation in staking.

A senior member of CELL Protocol’s development team is of the mind that, “The launch of our pre-mining process will prove to be a strong test-case for the future of verification and authenticity of a favourably trusted execution environment through zero-knowledge proof. These will be fundamental pillars that will prove to further bolster the efficacy and balance of power that Web 3.0 brings to the table”.

The first privacy computing network that integrates key advantages of Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP), MPC and TEE, CELL Protocol’s balanced data ecosystem promises to pave the way for major advancements in the privacy data storage, cross chain governance, distribution of key management functionalities and secure signature arenas.

Kindly contact Joy Cham for all media enquiries at [email protected].

About CELL Protocol Foundation

The CELL network is a decentralised, highly secure, and robust private open network. The main decentralised cross-chain platform enables anyone to freely participate in building decentralised cross-chain channels using idle devices through a fair nominated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and a non-interactive proof-of-survival mechanism, supporting stable, efficient as well as low-cost connections to assets in heterogeneous chains.

You can find out more about the company here.

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