Copy trading globally: How regulations can affect your copy positions

eToro is the world’s leading social investment platform and CopyTrader is eToro’s most popular feature. Using award-winning, cutting-edge technology, CopyTrader allows you to view what real investors are doing in real time and copy their investment strategy automatically. Both experienced and novice investors can benefit from the knowledge and performance of leading investors in the eToro community.

The many benefits of copy trading

There are many reasons to try copy trading on eToro. First of all, CopyTrader is simple and user friendly. Once you have spotted a Popular Investor you like, just click “copy” to automatically replicate their trading. You can choose to copy a Popular Investor who focuses on a specific asset class, or a PI who includes a range of different instruments in his or her portfolio. And there are no management fees or other hidden costs involved when you copy others on eToro.  

How do regulatory adjustments affect your copy positions?

eToro, as a global investment network, is active in more than 100 countries. Each region has its own regulatory authorities and its own rules and, as such, occasionally some inconsistencies between regulations may arise.

Since there may be regulatory requirements in the region where you are located that differ from those of the Popular Investor whom you are copying, there may be instances where you will be unable to copy certain positions in the Popular Investor’s portfolio. It is always the policies in your region that will apply to you. 

Therefore, you may notice a slight difference in the underlying asset in your portfolio to that of the Popular Investor whom you are copying. This will be due to the difference in regulations. Note that this difference may be temporary, as regulation policies can change, or the Popular Investor whom you are copying may reallocate his portfolio.

For more information on how regulations may impact your copy trading experience, click the link appropriate to your region:


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