Crypto Stories Part 2: Bitcoin led Charlie Shrem into a tumultuous life

The man who introduced the Winklevoss twins to crypto ended up in prison. He expressed no regrets to Cointelegraph.

Charlie Shrem paid a steep price for his place in crypto history. Major figures in the crypto world were part of his story, and his personal life was transformed as he went from online retailer to CEO of Bitcoin (BTC) exchange BitInstant and convicted felon before he was even 30.

Coming from a prominent family in Brooklyn’s Syrian Orthodox Jewish community, Shrem was on the path to becoming a rabbi from an early age.

“The only way to get out was through money,” Shrem realized. He said on Cointelegraph’s Crypto Stories:

“On the internet, people didn’t judge me based on any other factors other than what I was contributing to the conversation […] My opinion was appreciated very greatly.”

Shrem learned of Bitcoin and developed the concept for BitInstant, a company that facilitated purchases of Bitcoin at a time when it could only be obtained from Mt.

“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver invested in BitInstant.

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