Crypto20 Shows Relentless Growth, Breakneck Pace Of Bitcoin

Promoted: As bitcoin has skyrocketed, Invictus Capital’s Crypto20 fund has seen its investors reap significant rewards.

As the value of bitcoin has skyrocketed in the first months of 2021, Invictus Capital’s Crypto20 (C20) fund has seen its savvy investors reap astronomical rewards. The fund’s token has gone parabolic with 221% appreciation over the quarter, outpacing even bitcoin’s breakneck performance.

In mid-April, Invictus Capital released its first quarterly report for 2021, describing the performance shown by the company’s suite of seven innovative investment funds offered to clients, as well as providing commentary on a number of topics of relevance to the company. These include global financial market commentary (covering both traditional and crypto markets) as well as a discussion of the company’s recent achievements, which include the launch of the community token ICAP, and the roadmap for future products and platform features. Although the crypto rally has been kind to all of Invictus Capital’s investors in recent months, a definite highlight of the quarter was the rise of C20, with the fund having achieved a 221% gain in the first three months of the year.

C20 is Invictus Capital’s flagship index fund, composed of the 20 most successful crypto assets measured by market cap (and excluding stablecoins). This means that, in addition to bitcoin, it is also host to a number of other prominent assets — including tokens with incredible growth potential in the burgeoning decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Holdings are rebalanced every week in accordance with new market data. Additionally, no more than 10% of the fund can be tied to one individual coin at a time, making the fund an attractive vehicle for broader altcoin exposure where future gains can arguably be expected to outperform the current market leaders as they gain in prominence — an attribute exhibited last quarter as the fund outperformed both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The recent bull run has vindicated the decision of the earliest C20 investors, who as a result of the fund’s launch coinciding with the later stage of the 2017 rally, have had to endure years of their investment showing a negative return. The current token price, in excess of $4, now represents over 300% appreciation over the fund’s life, and this performance is likely to continue as the fund continues to benefit from relatively small cap coins continuing to break powerfully into the mainstream, as witnessed by assets with strong fundamentals like Filecoin and Solana entering the C20 index decisively without showing any signs of looking back.

The rise of crypto interest platforms like Celsius and BlockFi have helped educate the market on the importance of letting your assets work for you, and C20 is no stranger to generating yield, having earned about 3% APY over the last quarter through margin lending and the implementation of yield generating techniques enabled by getting crypto exposure via derivatives markets. This easily outstrips the small management fee (0.5% p.a.) that the fund charges, and yields are set to continue climbing as these strategies are refined and scaled up.

In short, C20 has something for everyone in the fast new world of cryptocurrency, presenting investors with an opportunity to see returns beyond even the value of bitcoin, while also being carefully protected from some of the volatility that cryptocurrencies are infamous for.

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