Dacxi Chain: A review of the first tokenized crowdfunding ecosystem

So, what is the Dacxi Chain exactly? It’s a whole new way for entrepreneurs and investors to connect.

At its very simplest, the Dacxi Chain is an innovative new crowdfunding system. But dive even a little deeper, and you’ll see the Dacxi Chain is anything but simple. A complex and sophisticated global ecosystem, the Dacxi Chain uses blockchain and tokenization technology to generate digital representations of equity shares. In doing so, it  will act as a sorely-needed global conduit between entrepreneurs and potential investors. It’s the Dacxi Chain’s global reach – and its use of  blockchain technology – that sets it apart from the small-scale and highly localised crowdfunding model we see in use today. 

What are the differences between crowdfunding today and the Dacxi Chain?

It all comes down to three core concepts; blockchain, tokenization, and cryptocurrency. The Dacxi Chain tokenizes equity shareholdings, allowing their ownership to be immutably recorded on the Dacxi Chain’s blockchain. Dacxi Coin, the system’s native cryptocurrency, is used to facilitate payments over the network. Tokenization allows digital representations of shares to be seamlessly bought and sold on an exchange, which adds a level of liquidity previously unseen in the equity shareholding space.

Unlike the current crowdfunding system, the Dacxi Chain ecosystem will be equipped to deal with thousands of projects, millions of investors, multiple languages, all currencies, and numerous differing regulations. 

What is the Dacxi Chain’s potential?

To answer this question, let’s first explore the potential of equity crowdfunding as a whole. IBM are big believers in the future of blockchain technology. The iconic multinational company recently predicted that in the space of the next 5 years, the tokenized private equity market could grow to be valued at more than $1trillion.  The team behind the Dacxi Chain and Dacxi Coin clearly back this suggestion, too. Since 2017, they have been designing the tech required to transform equity crowdfunding, and solve the many issues that currently hold it back. 

Who is the Dacxi Chain for?

There are three major groups who stand to benefit from the Dacxi Chain:

Investors who want unfettered access to major investing opportunities. In creating a global platform, the Dacxi Chain will lead to a huge increase in the investment choices on offer – with investors able to identify and select those they view as highest value..
Innovators who require funding to see their venture thrive. Today, gaining funding outside your local area is difficult – meaning unless you live in one of the world’s few innovation powerhouses, options are incredibly limited. With a global pool of investors available, entrepreneurs with viable ideas will have much better odds of achieving their aims. 
Venture funders who seek a significant increase in the amount of deals they can present to their investors. Right now, the current system’s volume of deals is too small to be worth venture funders’ time. Their income stems from a percentage of each deal’s value – meaning the more deals on offer, the more successful their business. 

There’s also a secondary group who could see big benefits from the Dacxi Chain:

Cryptocurrency investors who understand Dacxi Coin’s crucial role within the Dacxi Chain, and recognise that this role will lead to a significant uplift in the coin’s value.  Dacxi Coin has a clear, specific, and compelling real-world use case, which puts it in a strong position to do well in a strong market. 

What are the Dacxi Chain’s biggest pros and cons?


It creates a huge potential market of would-be investors and ambitious entrepreneurs
It’s a streamlined, efficient, and altogether better way for innovators to access much-needed funding
Its focus is on enabling early stage investment, which is where the largest value growth occurs. 
It has the advantage of being the first. The Dacxi Chain has been in development for five years, and is preparing to launch in Q4 of 2022. With the level of complexity involved, the chances of a competitor building a viable challenger network are slim.
The project is built by skilled developers, and managed by experienced business-people who have launched and operated numerous thriving global tech companies. 
It has its own native cryptocurrency, Dacxi Coin, meaning the platform has speculative investment potential.


Global recession may see a number of investors exit the market and lower the Dacxi Chain’s potential scale
As with all novel innovations, it may take time for the public to recognise and understand the possibilities 
Because the project is in its early stages of implementation, there could be early teething problems to contend with. 

Where does Dacxi Coin (DACXI) fit into the picture?

As mentioned, Dacxi Coin is the Dacxi Chain’s native cryptocurrency. It is an ERC20 utility token, built on Ethereum, and designed to enable fast and low-cost global investment transfers. It is also the currency used to power the exchanges of the Dacxi Chain – used for Dacxi Chain blockchain fees, and staking of blockchain writer nodes. 

What about Dacxi Coin’s potential value?

Dacxi Coin’s value is closely tied to its role within the Dacxi Chain ecosystem, and driven by demand from crypto traders. As with any other cryptocurrency, Dacxi Coin may experience volatility in price. And as always, it’s up to the buyer to do your own research, assess the risks, and make your own decision whether to invest. 

How to buy Dacxi Coin

Dacxi Coin is available for purchase on several exchanges, including HitBTC, BitForex, UNISWAP and CONSBIT. It can also be purchased through the Dacxi Chain website.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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