Enjin to launch headquarters in Bloktopia metaverse

Enjin, a leading Polkadot project, has announced that it is launching its brand new headquarters in the Bloktopia metaverse. This new space is designed to show off its growing NFT ecosystem and projects. As more and more organizations pour into the metaverse, it is fast becoming trendy to have a dedicated office in the virtual world. Forget remote working, virtual working could be a key feature of 2022. 

In 2021, Enjin’s Efinity has won Polkadot’s sixth and last parachain auction with a contribution of over $214 million in DOT. Efinity is Enjins scalable, decentralized, and cross-chain NFT infrastructure. To expand its presence in the NFT markets, Enjin is now positioning itself alongside other crypto brands that have set up homes in the metaverse.

Entering the metaverse by setting up its headquarters in Bloktopia is an interesting way to host events and explore new ways of keeping ongoing community engagement. In November, Enjin launched a dedicated $100 million US Metaverse Fund to support individuals and organizations working on the Enjin ecosystem, metaverse projects, gaming and NFTs. The team at Enjin works with pioneering projects that are immersive, decentralized environments.

Acting as a bridge from the physical into the virtual world, Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse build and backed by the Polygon Network. It is home to some of the biggest brands in Crypto. Uniquely styled in the shape of a Skyscraper made up of 21 levels, paying homage to 21 million Bitcoins available. It consists of real estate that can be purchased by Blok token holders. All of the holders are known as Bloktopians. It is strongly focused on four categories of engagement: learn, earn, play and create. Ultimately helping all users to navigate the world of crypto and enjoy an immersive metaverse experience.

Enjin HQ: Coming soon to @bloktopia

A new space in the metaverse to showcase the exciting adopters and projects within our growing NFT ecosystem!#Metaverse #Efinity #Enjin #NFTs pic.twitter.com/cH4BMSlZgN

— Enjin | We’re Hiring! (@enjin) January 3, 2022

Enjin will use the new headquarters to showcase projects and host events. Other well-known organizations such as ConsenSys and Sotheby’s launched dedicated locations in the Decentraland Metaverse in 2021. Real Estate in the metaverse is now at an all-time high. As more individuals become aware of the potential revenue-generating opportunities offered within these virtual worlds, more brands are sure to see the need to develop a presence there.

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