Fast seller Plona (PLON) predicted to Increase by 5,000% by January 2023, while Tezos (XTZ) and Stellar (XLM) Fail

“Tokenizing luxury car ownership through blockchain” is the slogan Plona (PLON) introduced. As a new token  Plona (PLON) has captivated all eyes towards itself. Experts claim there are two main reasons for this: Plona (PLON) arrived at the time of the global crypto crash, where the currencies lost most of their value and prices in the industry.

Plona (PLON) is an NFT platform collaborating with the automobile industry through crypto tokens. It uses the blockchain technology of Ethereum to fractionalize ownership of luxury cars via NFT tokens. These luxury cars include leading car companies like Lamborghini, Porsche, and Bugatti, backing the NFT platform. 

The Plona (PLON) boom is so strong that experts believe the pre-sale crypto Plona (PLON) could increase by nearly 5,000% by January 2023. What’s more interesting is Plona (PLON) is still in its pre-sale stage and has not been released officially. Still, it has attracted the attention of most industry experts because of its unique idea.

Although Plona (PLON) currently has a market price of 1 PLON = $0.012, it has high potential. Experts believe it will be successful because of its real-life backing in luxury cars instead of other options like digital currency. Every fractional purchase you make is backed by an NFT token, denoting an actual purchase. 

Experts are confident with their claim; they believe we could see a 5000% increase in the price by 2023. Moreover, there’s a 1% to 3% tax deduction, which is not too much. It makes Plona (PLON) a viable option for investments and financial growth.

There’s a large Total Token Round of 1,000,000,000, making the investment volume perfect for large-scale investments. Thanks to the current low prices, it’s easier for investors to find the most viable price range for their budgets and invest accordingly.

Tezos (XTZ) had an All-Time High on 04th October 2021 (a year ago) at $9.18. However, within 12 months, it plunged 95%, wiping out most of the investor’s wealth. It’s an alarming situation for Tezos (XTZ)  investors, experiencing a free fall in the coin value.  

Like Tezos (XTZ), several other coins have also failed in the market recently. There’s a drastic fall in their overall value, which has questioned their reliability as an investment opportunity. Due to the bitcoin bubble, even dead coins such as Stellar (XLM) showed great performance during a few months in 2018 and 2019. While there was another spike in 2021 due to the NFT boom, the coin lost its value quickly after the recent market crash in 2022. It has created scepticism in investors regarding their next course of action and the viability of crypto as an investment option. 

Nonetheless, investing in a pre-sale NFT platform such as Polna (PLON) could be a great opportunity for investors that prioritize non-volatility and market control above all else. Investors are already pooling their money during the pre-sale season, which might prove profitable in the long run. 

Want to Own a Luxury car? Now You Can, Through Plona Digital Toke





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