Frontier (FRONT) & GMX (GMX) Price Analysis: Is This A Good Time To Invest In These Assets?

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Frontier (FRONT) Price Analysis

The current Frontier sentiment seems to be bearish. According to the analysis, Frontier saw 40% of lucrative days in the previous month, and the token will increase by 15% in the following week. The FRONT price prediction indicates that it is not wise to buy FRONT now.

Early in August, the FRONT token fell by 91%, but it quickly recovered to hit its all-time high of $0.300.

The Frontier token was trading at $0.233 until the bears drove the price down, and it remained there for three days.

The FRONT prices started moving up the parallel channel and increased. The negative dominance caused them to fall below the average level of $0.231. 

The bulls attempted a rally once more, and although prices rose by 27%, they could not hold that level. As a result, the token fell to the parallel channel’s lower trend line.

The FRONT price recovered and rose above the average level of $0.231 and consolidated there for a week. 

The bulls immediately intervened after the bears pushed prices below this level. As a result, the Frontier token broke the upper trend line, hitting a high of $0.29. 

Prices once more fell to the average level before the bulls drove them higher. The FRONT token is now stabilizing around $0.233 and does not show any impending movement.

Reaching the high at $0.240 and maintaining the rise could result in bullish price action for the FRONT. If not, the price could surpass the immediate support level of $0.219. This will result in bearish price action.

GMX (GMX) Price Analysis

The last month saw a 9% price increase for GMX and 47% of productive days. Within one week, the price of GMX could increase by 3%. Analysis indicates that now is an excellent time to buy GMX because of the neutral sentiment of the asset at present. 

The value of the GMX token dropped at the end of September due to a significant SELL volume.

The bulls attempted a rally, and prices surged by 66%, surpassing the range 1 ($55.7) and reaching their highs at $61.8.

Unable to sustain the level for a long time, the prices dropped massively to the current price of $44.12.

The GMX token is consolidating at this level and does not indicate any movement.

The last few days saw a significant volume decline on GMX, which hindered price hikes. As a result, the GMX token may find it challenging to maintain its current position.

As a result, prices will drop below $38.13 and continue to plummet, turning the market bearish.

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