Game-Changing DeFi Project Moma Protocol Hosts Its IDO and IEO Today At 11 AM UTC

Up-and-coming DeFi project Moma Finance prepares to launch its Initial DEX Offering and Initial Exchange Offering today. Following the token sale, users can trade the native token across four exchanges.  It is a significant milestone for a project aiming to create unlimited scaling and liquidity in decentralized finance.

Changing The DeFi Narrative

In its current form, decentralized finance remains very constrained and limited in appeal. It seems as if this industry only caters to existing cryptocurrency enthusiasts rather than those looking on from the sidelines. However, particularly in the lending and borrowing segments are many opportunities to explore. Moma Protocol aims to tap into this largely unexplored segment by introducing solutions facilitating far better scalability and potentially unlimited liquidity.

The approach to this solution is straightforward as it involves a smart contract Factory. Anyone can create custom Lending Pools and Launch Pools to tap into available liquidity for digital assets through this Factory. Furthermore, both pool types are interchangeable for users, allowing them to explore many different options at their disposal. Anyone who participates in this pool journey will be eligible for rewards, creating new incentives to keep contributing and exploring liquidity across the board.

Moma’s business model is B2B2C-oriented. Projects and companies can tap into Moma’s technology to create their custom Lending Pools, which the end-user then uses for borrowing purposes. All parties in this equation will receive the interest income paid by the end-users on the loan side. With these incentives, companies and projects have many good reasons to keep building new pools and increase their reward potential.

The vision by Moma Protocol has attracted a lot of attention during its seed, private, and strategic fundraising rounds. All rounds saw tremendous interest from notable investors, including AU21, MXC, DFG Capital, etc. Recognizing this project’s potential at an early stage can prove beneficial to investors, especially those participating in Moma’s IDO and IEO later today.

The Moma Protocol Token Sale Begins Today

The project that aims to expand infinitely in lending capacity and market diversity will offer its native token to a broader public later today. With the help of Bounce and WeStarter, users will be able to participate in Moma Protocol’s upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO). Bounce participants will need to get whitelisted before the sale begins at 11 AM UTC, however. Thus time is of the essence. 

For users who prefer to participate in the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Hotbit, that option is available. The token sales across all three platforms begin simultaneously and will run for a limited time. Trading Moma’s token is slated to start at 1 PM UTC across Hotbit, Uniswap, mdex, and MXC. Different trading pairs will be available to all users, depending on where they decide to buy, sell, and trade the token.

The approach by Moma Protocol is interesting for multiple reasons. Not only is there the option to create customizable Lending Pools, but this approach can suit the needs of long-tail asset hodlers. Long-tail assets are prominent in the cryptocurrency yet often struggle on the liquidity front. By creating dedicated pools for such assets, some may gain more attention and adoption, leading to more innovation in the broader industry.Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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