GGive: Bringing Blockchain to Community-Driven Charity

Developed on the Binance Smart Chain, GGive is a deflationary token that helps the non-profit ecosystem, involving charities, donors, and investors, leverage the benefits of the crypto-economy and blockchain technology. The uniquely positioned, intuitive digital currency platform serves all three purposes of investing, fundraising, and donating. From localised grass-root organizations to large-scale international non-profits, GGive rotates its charity each month, providing them with a fundraising platform that is less costly and comes without any delays.

The GGive Team

Developed by a core team of nine, GGive’s group of multi-talented crypto-enthusiasts wants the charity space to reap the transparency benefits of the crypto-verse. Members of the team include charity director Damian Knight, development director John Ikwuobe, brand director Nadia Monem, technical director Nic Davidson, communications director Lee Culp, and more.

Owing to their diverse work experience, the team members bring a variety of unique skill sets. Nadia Monem, the brand director, for instance, worked with multiple startup projects. The role Nadia played in these organizations was to help them raise brand awareness and grow financially. Damian Knight, the charity director, possesses a unique blend of people and organizational skills from his earlier experience of successfully running a restaurant in Southern France for more than a decade. Liaising with charities comes quite naturally to him.

The GGive Culture

The vision of GGive is to become a token of choice for global charities. It is available for purchase from multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges. Since its launch on May 1st 2021, GGive has burnt 125 million tokens and reached 3,750 holders. Yet, the growth of GGive and the impact it has already created on the intersectional zone between the crypto-economy and the charity space is beyond numbers.

The GGive culture aims at aligning the charity space with many policies that it works for but often fails to practice themselves. For instance, a digital currency for charities means less number of printed notes or minted coins – beneficial for the environment. The GGive token, as is the case in a decentralized economy, stays outside the purview of banks and governments, creating scope for greater financial inclusion. It also saves the costs that the presence of intermediary causes to a transaction, increasing the accessibility of financing routes.

In days to come, GGive wants to consolidate its offerings further to reach out to a larger volume of stakeholders, potentially running into billions. Once it reaches 10,000 holders, GGive has plans to have its first charity partnership and exchange listing. Reaching 100,000 holders would trigger GGive to open its NFT Marketplace and launch its mobile application.

Purpose and Contributions

GGive wants its charity tokens to become the preferred mode of donation of global charities. It has proactively reached out to many charities to help them create their own wallet. So far, many charities across Asia and Africa working towards positively impacting a geography’s livelihoods, education, wildlife, and natural habitat have received GGive’s support. Each month GGive picks a charity to donate tokens in a designated Charity wallet.

The rise in the value of GGive implies the charity owners seeing a rise in the value of assets they hold. Additionally, GGive token holders are free to donate their tokens to whatever charity they prefer. Once a charity strikes collaboration with GGive, it helps the organization in every possible way, including asking its members to like, follow, and comment on the charity’s social handles and work as brand awareness ambassadors for them. Increased donations and global reach and visibility at a much lesser cost, faster speed, and enhanced transparency make GGive’s value proposition wholesome, unique, and easy to leverage.

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