Great Alternatives to Generate Crypto other than Mining and Trading

Bitcoin has been on a steady upward climb since its inception in 2009 and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon — that’s good news for crypto enthusiasts who bought into the world’s most famous cryptocurrency early.

There are also other ways to earn Cryptocurrency than just trading or mining. Some require skills under your belt while others can be used by all types of users even if they don’t know anything about cryptocurrency. Here are four ways you can get started earning crypto today:

Article writing

Writing articles on Steemit about new developments in crypto that are interesting or helpful for others can help you earn crypto too. You could also use your writing skills to create tutorials for other newcomers looking to learn more about blockchain technology, trading cryptos, wallets, mining rigs — anything related really.

Writing posts like these will not only pay out any cryptocurrency rewards earned but it’ll put your name at the top of search engines which will bring potential customers flooding back whenever they’re interested in learning something new about cryptocurrencies. By spending just an hour or two every week writing posts and tutorials, you could easily earn $100-$200 worth of crypto per month.

Earn Bitcoin by filling out surveys on websites

There are many sites where you can sign up for free and start taking surveys right away. These usually take about 10–30 minutes per survey, so they are perfect for a daily commute or if you only have a few minutes to spare throughout your day.

Make coin out of friends and family

Don’t forget when talking cryptos with friends and family that you can make some coins. If they have any questions, offer advice based on whatever knowledge you’ve gained over time but always remind them that this market moves fast and what they read today may not be relevant tomorrow. You can charge them a small fee for the advice you give them.

Referral programs

There are also referral programs that give bloggers an incentive to refer their readership to exchanges and other services that offer cryptocurrency. For example, when someone signs up for Coinbase using a referral link, both the referrer and the new user get crypto free after spending at least $100 on coinbase (so really they are getting paid to learn about how an exchange works).

Final Thoughts

There’s always mining as a way to earn crypto — but unless you already have thousands of dollars just lying around for hardware costs plus power bills, it might be best if you look into other possibilities instead. Remember that cryptos were designed to make things easier on the end-user by eliminating third parties like banks or PayPal. If something seems too good to be true (like earning $50 per day without doing anything), it usually is. Things like Ponzi schemes and cloud-mining sites often offer unrealistic promises about earnings to get users signed up. Then, once their pockets are empty, people simply move on to the next scam until someone either figures out how these schemes work or the government steps in to put an end to them.

If you want to earn, there is a way. You can start earning cryptocurrency today by taking one of the above suggestions and putting your skills towards helping others out for pay instead of just expecting things for free. Whether you’re writing tutorials, creating graphics, or just talking cryptos over drinks with friends — always be sure that whatever work you do has value.

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