Greenidge Generation To Establish New Carbon-Neutral Bitcoin Mining Facility

The bitcoin mining company will introduce a second facility located in South Carolina, a report outlines.

According to a press release, Greenidge Generations Holdings, Inc. intends to establish a second bitcoin mining operation in South Carolina. The facility will be entirely carbon neutral.

“The site, a retired printing plant, previously drew approximately 80MW of power and has expansion potential beyond that capacity,” states the release.

The move contributes to a growing trend of increasing investment in renewable energy, a positive in terms of the public perception of bitcoin mining.

“Approximately two-thirds of the electricity at the site is sourced from zero-carbon sources such as nuclear power, making it an attractive location for Greenidge,” according to the release. It goes on to state, “Greenidge has committed to offsetting the operation’s remaining carbon footprint, building on its record in New York State of operating a fully carbon neutral mining business.”

Such innovation also comes on the heels of a mass migration of hashrate from China, a notoriously “dirty” bitcoin mining center.

Coupling such industry orientation with geopolitics that supports the increasing use of renewables in bitcoin mining creates great potential for clean energy usage in the industry.

“This is an important step in Greenidge’s strategy to build upon our unique expertise in environmentally sound bitcoin mining at additional locations across the country,” CEO of Greenidge Jeff Kirt said on the development.

Such actions stand to rectify the perspective of environmental critics in regards to the mining of bitcoin. 

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