How Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover Will Affect Oryen Network, Shiba Inu, And His Favorite Dogecoin

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Elon Musk’s recent announcement to put court proceedings on hold to go forward with the buyout of Twitter surprised people. The initial agreement went sour over claims that Twitter did not disclose the genuine number of bots on the platform, with Musk withdrawing his $44bn bid in July this year. With Musk reviving the takeover to avoid trial at the Delaware Court of Chancery, he should own Twitter at the end of October.

Will Musk’s leadership change Twitter?

The visionary billionaire is known for his electric car company, Tesla and SpaceX. He has a reputation for expecting only the best from his employees and moving fast with decisions and execution. “I have a ton of ideas,” Musk texted to Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal in April.

Indeed, he seems to be not a fan of the current leadership at Twitter and people close to the matter expect a house-cleaning once Musk takes over the social media platform.

Implications for influencers and crypto

Musk’s plan for Twitter includes unmoderated free speech, an edit button, and an overhaul to resemble the Chinese social media giant WeChat including an unknown extent of its features.

These plans almost certainly bode well for cryptos, especially Elon Musk’s favorite, Dogecoin, which saw a 10% increase over the announcement alone. Likewise, analysts expect meme coin Shiba Inu to follow suit, as both have historically shown to be influenced by crypto traders on Twitter and Musk’s followers.

Experts also assert that crypto with substantial utility, such as Oryen Network, will undoubtedly reap the vast benefits Musk is sowing right now. With an uncensored, bot-free, and better Twitter, $ORY could reach its full potential thanks to the increased exposure of its marketing efforts. 

Potential investors would find it easier to learn about the platforms’ guaranteed 90% APY, RFV wallet, and backup treasury. In addition, Oryen developed a new staking mechanism, which removes the need for holders to interact with staking contracts. Instead, tokens have only to be held in a wallet, and the proprietary OAT mechanism auto-stakes the tokens, resulting in a daily return on investment (ROI) of 0.177%.

Final thoughts

If Musk stays true to his word is yet to be seen. However, people close to the matter are confident that the crypto-friendly billionaire will improve the platform, and cryptos like Dogecoin, Shiba, and Oryen Network can only profit.

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