Interview: Debating The Nature Of Bitcoin With Karim Hemly

Karim Helmy of Galaxy Digital discussed the nature of Bitcoin and whether it’s personal or technological.

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Karim Helmy of Galaxy Digital joined the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to discuss one of the most interesting and deep conversations in Bitcoin: What is its nature?

Helmy has a rich history studying the Bitcoin blockchain and is an expert on bitcoin mining in particular. Host Christian Keroles has very strong views on what Bitcoin is and some of them are counter to what Helmy believes. Rather than debating over Twitter, Keroles invited Helmy to join this episode and discuss what Bitcoin really is together.

Keroles took the position that, ultimately, Bitcoin is a network of geographically distributed computers maintaining constant consensus. Helmy took the position that, while that network does exist, ultimately it is the people and agreement from people that defines what Bitcoin is. This is a very nuanced debate and is one that is at the root of many other philosophical and design disagreements in the greater cryptocurrency space.

Bitcoiners, what do you think? Is Bitcoin defined by hardware and software, by humans or by something else entirely? Tweet at Keroles, Helmy and Bitcoin Magazine with your take on what Bitcoin really is. 

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