Investor Jill Carlson Joins Board of Chia Network

Investor Jill Carlson Joins Board of Chia Network

The Open Money Initiative executive who’s also a co-founder and a renowned digital assets investor Jill Carlson is about to become a member of the Chia board. Chia, via a press release on Coindesk, disclosed that Carlson’s main role will be to assist in the building of the firm’s strategic coalitions between the company and governments, developers, global companies (particularly multinationals), and financial service providers.

Carlson’s Credentials

Hoffman Gene, current COO and president at Chia Network was quoted saying that Carlson’s knowledge and exposure, coupled with the way her goals seem to have aligned with the company’s, in helping to revolutionize global standards in terms of payment and financial systems, will undoubtedly push performance forward.

The announcement is a big plus for Chia considering the recent growth spurt. The announcement has also been seen as a result of the friendship between Cohen and Carlson, that dates 3 years back. The friends, who rank among industrial shapers, have been meeting in company events to share business insights.

An elated Carlson was quoted saying that she was thrilled to become a part of the Chia team as they work towards adoption while providing a friendly environment for global decentralized financial services.

What Carlson Can Bring to Chia

Carlson has invested with Slow Venture, a Francisco-based firm. Additionally, she is a member of (WEFGFCC)- World Economic Forum’s for Cryptocurrencies. Two years ago, Carlson also co-founded Open Money Initiative in order to learn how money is used in closed economies. She also wanted to learn how currency systems, particularly the disintegrating ones, work.

In the beginning of the year, Carlson joined Mina Foundations board, a non-profit organization that primarily supports the Mina Protocol (a lightweight Blockchain). Carlson however is a selective professional when it comes to leadership roles and is known to decline directorship positions however, her mission of improving global access to efficient financial services dovetailed with Chia’s and that’s why she decided to take up the role.

In a Coindesk interview, Carlson was quoted saying that when working in her position, she always asks herself whether the things she’s working in will have a positive impact and change the lives of people around her. The incoming executive finds Chia’s approach as a good inclusive and efficient financial solutions alternative.

Chia claims that its decentralized blockchain-based portal is not energy-intensive, but rather energy-efficient when compared to other blockchains. The company launched Mainnet earlier in the year and began transacting on May 3rd. In 2020 a founding round headed by Richmond Ventures in conjunction with Slow Rise, and a16Z sources $16 to Bloomberg. In the near future, Cohen intends to list the company publicly. The other members of the Chia board include David Frazee, Chuck Stoops, and Hoffman.


Investor Jill Carlson Joins Board of Chia Network

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