New Atani DEX Aggregator for Solana is Here

The new Atani DEX aggregator on Solana, the most advanced trading terminal and tools all traders need, is here.

Atani DEX aggregator brings Advanced Orders like the typical ‘Stop Loss’ or ‘Take Profit’ and others to Serum, and also provides portfolio tracking, technical analysis and price alerts.

Aligned with Atani’s DEX platform launched earlier this year, Atani’s developers focus on making crypto markets accessible and usable to more people. The objective at Atani is to build the best crypto trading experience to help grow the crypto adoption worldwide.

The Atani team is composed of crypto traders, community building experts and early tech adopters who have gained experience by working together and delivering proven solutions to the crypto ecosystem.

The Atani team has already gained years worth of experience by developing the Atani CEX Aggregator (available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS at ), so successful and massively adopted it became Atani’s flagship product.

The Atani CEX aggregator trading frontend & backend that Atani developed for years was the perfect background to contribute to the development of a DEX Aggregator to service the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Atani DEX Aggregator for Solana ecosystem is capable of becoming the leading DEX aggregator by removing friction from fragmentation and by providing the best trading experience.

The Atani DEX Aggregator Ecosystem

On-chain Advanced Orders capabilities Right now, the only orders supported in the ecosystem are Market and Limit Orders. But with DEX Aggregator on board, orders like: Stop Loss, Take Profit, OCO Orders and more will be available soon to Solana & Serum.
On-chain Technical Analysis & Trading from Charts In addition to TradingView charts made with on-chain data, the Atani DEX Aggregator will allow users to save and load unlimited chart layouts. Users will be able to trade directly from the charts and will count with 80+ leverage indicators and 50+ drawing tools for their convenience.
Portfolio Management & Price Alerts Users can manage their portfolio and open orders from a single intuitive interface. Also traders can reach real-time portfolio tracking for 150+ trading pairs and receive alerts through SMS, emails or phone calls so as to never miss a significant trade to make.

CEX-to-DEX Bridges

Atani is developing tools to reduce friction from fragmentation and enable a streamlined transfer channel of liquidity for traders across both CEXs and DEXs. Atani aims to become the ‘de facto’ gateway to the DeFi ecosystem for CEX users.

Multi-chain Support

Atani’s developers are expecting to simplify the experience for users trading across DEXs in multiple chains by switching costs and driving volume growth to Solana and Serum.

Liquidity & Trading Volume Growth

The Atani DEX Aggregator is free of any fees beyond the default fees of the Serum platform. This non-fee policy helps to drive the total of Atani DEX volume to Serum.

But most important of all, the optimized experience for users will eventually convert the Atani DEX Aggregator into one of the major drivers of volume in the crypto trading environment.

Though Decentralized Finance began in 2017, it became huge in the past few years.

Total value locked of $101.93 billion by October 21 2021, grew from $6.83 billion operated in DeFi only two years before. Also the unstoppable amount of projects and developers in sight reflect an undeniable growth in user adoption.

In line with the paradigm of decentralized, open, and transparent financial systems to anyone with access to the internet, the DeFi ecosystem is growing exponentially powered by multiple permissionless applications that network with each other.

This current scenario is forecasting a growth of the value locked in DeFi to raise to trillions of dollars in a 3 to 5 year timeframe. For this to happen, first DeFi needs to onboard billions of users, in other words: mass adoption.

Despite the technological novelties, product descriptions, white-papers and promotional efforts to attract innovators and early adopters, these don’t represent the majority of the masses.

The majority of the masses are driven by pragmatism: they will adopt an idea as long as it helps them make money, save time, or have fun. Or sadly just because everyone else is already using it (the power of fitting in).

User experience is one of main pillars addressed by developers in the crypto ecosystem. And as the centralized and decentralized applications proliferate and interconnect, the ‘user experience’ is becoming the crucial challenge.

Atani DEX Aggregator, Why SOLANA?

If the goal is to aim at mass adoption, then Solana makes sense. The Atani developers believe Solana is perfect to scale the next generation of decentralized finance applications supporting mass adoption.

Solana has notable advantages like scalability, speed, low costs, composability, decentralized security and wide ecosystem (top tier partners).

Therefore Solana stands in an unprecedented position to empower a DEX like Serum, based on fully on-chain limit orders.

Serum basically enables a trading experience comparable to those of centralized exchanges. And if we reach a level in which DEX experience competes with CEX experience, we are well oriented towards growth.

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