OKEx Establishes Block Dream Fund: Invests in Cook Protocol

Cook Protocol, a decentralized cross-chain asset management platform, has received an investment from Block Dream Fund, the newly formed investment arm of popular cryptocurrency exchange OKEx.

The new investment fund apparently sees promise in Cook Protocol, which is working to make investment in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem more efficient.

The Block Dream Fund was founded in late February of 2021 and was funded by OKEx with an initial investment capital pool of $100 million USD. The investment by Block Dream Fund in Cook Protocol was one of its first and was warmly welcomed by the team at Cook Protocol.

The CEO of Cook Protocol, Adrian Peng, told media,

“It is an absolute pleasure to receive funding from OKEx’s Block Dream Fund. We are sure that their investment will help us a great deal in our way forward with Cook Protocol. Apart from the funding, Block Dream Fund will also help us establish valuable connections and assist us with business development. This reflects their dedication to each project they invest in and certainly indicates how enormously we will benefit from their assistance”

As mainstream investors flock to major tokens as an asset class, crypto insiders, like OKEx seem to be looking to the next generation of development, which includes DeFi platforms.

Cook Protocol is Creating New Opportunities

Cook Protocol is working to help investors enter the DeFi space with ease. Instead of having to look at each individual investment opportunity on its own, the Cook Protocol platform can review a range of investment options prepared by investment managers, and deploy capital directly from the Cook Protocol platform.

Investors are able to use a fully integrated platform to review potential investments in the DeFI space, and when they are ready to make an investment everything can be done from one place. Once the investment is made, it is easy to track them from one interface.

Dora, a Founding Partner of Block Dream Fund, commented,

“We’re glad to cooperate with Cook Protocol. The team members have very good backgrounds with professional insights on the combination of blockchain and DeFi. We are looking forward to seeing the project land as soon as possible to create value for the blockchain industry. Block Dream Fund focuses on the DeFi field and is willing to provide services and resources for quality projects.”

There are many ways to invest in the blockchain and DeFi space, and it appears that OKEx is looking for new ways to support platforms that may create value in the future.

Block Dream Fund Supports Innovation

Block Dream Fund was founded to support early-stage blockchain projects that have the potential to not only create profits but help industry growth overall. It is backed by OKEx, one of the most successful cryptocurrency exchanges around.

There are, without a doubt, loads of great projects out there, and with access to both funding, and well-connected investors, their potential will only grow stronger. Any early-stage project needs support, and Block Dream Fund is setting itself up to be a force for good in the blockchain development space.

As an established and profitable cryptocurrency exchange, OKEx is well-positioned to help the next generation of blockchain projects reach the marketplace.

The recent investment by Block Dream Fund in Cook Protocol shows that new investment ideas are entering the marketplace, and well-funded companies are thinking outside the box when it comes to how to deploy capital.

To learn more about what Cook Protocol is working on, or how it plans to continue development on its platform, just click here for the details. New ideas are coming into the blockchain and DeFi space, and Cook Protocol appears to have received the attention of a solid investment team.

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