Peepl App Based on the Fuse Blockchain Offers New Food Delivery System in Liverpool

In tune with the world´s trend of regionalizing economies, cutting down costs, and turning customers into owners, Peepl is a brand new payments and rewards application built atop the Fuse Network.

It is designed to compete with the existing food delivery giants such as Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

The Metro Major of the Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotheram, has just announced an investment of £700,000 to its development and execution.

Much lower fees for restaurants, and a reward token to keep the local economy flowing are the main goals of the newly launched app.

Peepl Will Help People Connect with Restaurants

With an ethical and a community driven view, customers and local restaurants will send and receive meals, drinks and payments, with a faster and more efficient application, a lower taxation, and a lower carbon print on the planet.

Many restaurants were forced to turn completely to the delivery business during the 2020´s lockdown, hiring the major mainstream food delivery platforms, sometimes paying up to a staggering 37,5% of the goods´ costs as a standard commission.

Peepl is ready to play the same game, at only a half of that fee.

Fuse Blockchain Network

Peepl’s token model is supported by Fuse, a blockchain network for quick and cheap transactions that support local communities. Its objective is to lower third party costs for business owners and empower projects like Peepl. Fuse features sub-cent fees and a quick no-code setup for projects wishing to integrate novel token economics in their products.

Fuse also hosts the GoodDollar grassroots UBI project backed by Yoni Assia of eToro.

Most Fuse native tokens are represented via ERC-20 on Ethereum mainnet and can be transferred from Fuse to Ethereum through a bridge, thus tapping into DeFi and other opportunities of the wider blockchain world.

The cooperation between Peepl and Fuse is a natural follow-up to their earlier experiences.

Rewards of 5 to 10% discounts on the orders´ totals will apply on each trade, reassuring the customers´ loyalty, and the tokens will be good for all services on any of the Peepl´s regional networks.

They´ll also stay locked in the network, and only in the network, for at least four to five years. The tokens will be redeemable as cash for future orders, with the intent to stimulate the local culinary community post-lockdown.

This interface is designed in such an interactive way, that all the users, both customers and providers will grow a sense of authentic ¨ownership¨, and a vital sense of positive influence on the local economy too.

Liverpool is Ready to Adopt the System

Six logistic centres, one on each city region authority area, will operate simultaneously, run by Agile Liverpool.

This agency currently recruits and employ rehabilitated ex-offenders using the Kickstart Scheme, training and upskilling new drivers on FTE basis, adding an interesting extra social benefit.

Mr. Steve Rotheram, Metro Major of the Liverpoool City Region, who just announced the green light to the £ 700 K aid.

He stated,

“In the Liverpool City Region, we aren’t the sort to simply follow the crowd. We like to be disrupters; to chart our own course and take great pride in our local businesses and community solidarity…Peepl has the potential to radically disrupt the food delivery market by bringing together all those values and injecting a lot more fairness – for riders and restaurants alike – to an industry not known for its treatment of workers”

On the other hand, the CEO and Co-funder of Peepl Leon Rossiter remarked on the beneficial possibilities of cutting down costs that come available with the new technologies.

He says there’s no point in overpaying the big international delivery apps, for a service that can be handled locally.

To wit,

“I think most people are waking up to the fact that it doesn’t need to be this way. Advances in blockchain technology, alongside shifting values and laws, mean new business models are possible for the internet, and the local economies we all live in…The big delivery apps, alongside ride hailing platforms, extract large amounts of value from each transaction that takes place between people that live and work in the same city.”

In total, Liverpool´s Town Hall is delivering £500,000 to support Peepl´s own team and infrastructure, and another £200,000 to back the restaurants´ ¨kickstarter¨ projects.

The potential for this new trendy way of doing business; fast, secure, cheap, clean, horizontal, and most importantly, government’s free and user to user.

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