PlatON Partners With ChainX And PolkaWorld For PlatON Ecosystem Blueprint.

PlatON, the infrastructure for global privacy-preserving computation and distributed economies from LatticeX Foundation, has reached an all-round strategic partnership with ChainX and PolkaWorld. 

The PlatON team announced the collaboration with a giveaway on Twitter, saying,

“PlatON Established Strategic Partnership with Chainx and Polkaworld for PlatON Ecosystem Blueprint. Giveaway 10 winners 50 LAT 1. Login Link 2. RT & like 3. Follow @PlatON_Network, @chainx_org, @polkaworld_org End March 19”

The three parties will conduct all-round cooperation covering blockchain application, node construction, community operation, and technical support. PlatON and Polkadot can achieve mutual integration in their ecosystems, with ChainX serving as a bridge.

PlatON’s Plans For The Near Future

PlatON is building an incubator with ChainX for PlatON-related projects supported by funding, technology, and communities, thereby contributing to building a stable PlatON ecosystem. The PlatON application ecosystem map, ChainX, and PolkaWorld addressed community concerns by sharing their professional advice. 

First, the three parties clarified PlatON’s plans according to the ecosystem map; and second, they are seeking ecosystem contributors(teams/developers) from the incubator. The partnership can focus on building a stable PlatON ecosystem by focussing on these two concerns. 

What is PlatON?

PlatON is a blockchain-based computing network for the public that combines blockchain and leading cryptographic technologies, such as MPC (Multi-Party Computation), VC (Verifiable Computation), HE (Homomorphic Encryption), ZKP (zero-knowledge proof). PlatON validates and implements the Proof of Custody (PoC) scheme for Ethereum 2.0. With secure MPC, PlatON enables trustless stalking pools and redundancy to decrease the risk of getting slashed due to compromised hardware or software.

What is ChainX?

ChainX is a bridging platform and an asset gateway from the blockchain world to Polkadot, delivering mainstream BTC and similar external assets into the Polkadot ecosystem. It is also one of the earliest launched projects on Substrate. Its mainnet was released one and a half years ago and has been running smoothly since thanks to its strong tech support and community base.

It is a cross-level inter-chain interoperable asset gateway consisting of PCX, DEX, inter-chain and relay modules, Bitcoin Layer 2 financial platform, and Polkadot second-layer relay Chain. 

What is PolkaWorld?

PolkaWorld is Polkadot’s Chinese community with more than 30,000 Polkadot fans, making it the world’s largest Polka Chinese community. It is also the only community that has received the Web3 Foundation Grant. 

PolkaWorld is committed to popularizing Polkadot technical knowledge, training Substrate developers, and supporting Polkadot ecological entrepreneurs, developing China’s Web3.0 ecology.

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