Polygon Gears Up For 2022 Q1 Bull Rally! MATIC Mania is Underway!

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The Polygon (MATIC) ecosystem may have a humble start. But it has quickly taken the zenith as the most commonly used scaling solution within the Ethereum ecosystem. In the year alone, the platform has seen exponential growth by more than 2000% surging from $0.004 in January 2021 to $2.57 at the press time. 

On 23rd December, Uniswap has collaborated with Polygon. The liquidity of Uniswap v3 went live on Polygon yesterday. As Polygon facilitates fast transactions with low gas fees, UNI has released a list of all their deployed addresses to help developers to integrate V3 into their Polygon apps. 

Polygon’s Visions Are Bullish!

Polygon ecosystem has been completely occupied with constant partnerships and upgrades. As each step has clear visions to serve the tech-savvy world, it has seen exponential growth with no looking back. Wherefore, its recent integration with Uniswap V3 has been wholly successful, bringing anticipated results in just 24 hours. 

24 hours after the launch of Polygon-Uniswap V3, the TVL has exceeded $10 million, and the transaction volume has exceeded $21 million. According to DappRadar data, Polygon-Uniswap’s transaction volume in the past 24 hours can rank third in the Polygon DeFi ecosystem.

— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) December 24, 2021

On-chain analyst Wu Blockchain revealed interesting statistics 24-hours post the launch of Polygon-Uniswap V3. The total value locked has surpassed $10 million, and the transaction volume has reached a whopping $21 million. DappRadar data revealed interesting statistics on Polygon-Uniswap’s transaction volume, where it is making headway to new milestones from the past 24 hours. 

On-chain metric platform IntotheBlock has asserted intriguing data, where the net network growth is 2.90% bullish. This further hints that there are a rising number of transactions and users are confident in the vision of the platform. 

However, the platform is thriving to reduce gas fees and boost transaction speed on the Ethereum blockchain. This could be the rationale behind the number of ETH whales accumulating MATIC in large numbers. Analytics from the whalestats has disclosed that it was one among the top token held by the top 1000 ETH wallets which hold 1.52% of MATIC worth $384 million. 

Collectively, as MATIC’s price has recently hit an ATH of $2.73 on 23rd December, it is experiencing a requisite correction. Besides, the token has witnessed a selloff worth $575.91 million, where buy orders were weak comparatively with $566.99 million worth of buy orders. Hence, the asset would experience a correction up to $2.3 before commencing with a big rally in January 2022.  

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