Role Of Blockchain in monitoring COVID-19 vaccine storage

The wake of 2021 has brought with it a sigh of relief, we have the Covid-19 vaccine out, and people are getting vaccinated. Well, all this is good, but again, managing a large supply chain of Covid-19 vaccine without any contortion is the key focus for all. The medical and pharma industry is already suffering from the problems of counterfeited drugs, and other issues that keep the medical staff in a state of apprehension. The growing demand for Covid 19 vaccine has also raised a question on ensuring authentic and timely delivery of the vaccine. The conventional supply chain may alone not be able to combat this challenge, and hence we have Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology that ensures seamless working of the supply chain while ensuring real-time tracking and security of information. In this blog, we will be highlighting the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines in the light of Blockchain.

Role of Blockchain:

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that ensures a seamless flow of information and easy access to the same. The ease of tracking of information makes Blockchain technology a helpful solution for tracing Covid-19 vaccines.

Well, the use of Blockchain technology for tracing the Covid-19 vaccine is not just on paper, rather there are practical implications already taking place. British Hospitals are using Blockchain technology to track Covid-19 vaccine distribution. In central England’s Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick, two hospitals are using Blockchain technology to trace the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Blockchain offers a distributed ledger where all the information is encrypted cryptographically, and this information is easily accessible to all the people in the network. There should be no logistical hurdles that can halt the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, and with the help of Blockchain technology, we can ensure that there is no hurdle while distributing the Covid-19 vaccine. We need to emphasize the seamless flow of vaccines because these vaccines must be shipped and stored at very cold temperatures or on dry ice. In standard fried temperature, the vaccine can only last for 5 days, and hence its timely distribution, and right storage plays a key role in ensuring its effectiveness.

With the help of Blockchain technology, the vaccine manufacturer and the healthcare system can keep a check on this distribution, and if there are any glitches, they will be visible in the ledger, this will eventually help in finding the loopholes and overcoming the same.

Blockchain-based IoT solutions for the distribution of vaccines will ensure that there are not logistical hurdles. The agony of Covid-19 has left the world aghast, and with the clearance to the vaccine, we are certainly looking forward to an even distribution of the same. And blockchain technology is going to help in the same.

What next?

This is one of the remarkable fields where Blcockhain finds its use, in the times to come; we are going to witness more reliance on Blockchain and its added applications. Blockchain developers and Blockchain experts are working on creating blockchain-based platforms and applications that can ensure transparency and systematic flow of data or information.

If you too wish to be a part of this growing industry, this is the right time to enrol for the Blockchain certification program. For more updates and information connect with the Blockchain Council today.

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