Should You Wishlist Ethereum, Solana, And Cardano For Short, Mid, And Long-Term Goals?

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The world of cryptocurrencies is presently surrounded by bears, who have suppressed the market to rock bottoms. Wherefore, digital coins from the industry are slendered to a sluggish pace. While the prices have been taking the brunt of the market’s torrential tantrums. The underlying protocols of digital assets have been engraving historic events.  

As a result, merchants from the crypto town are now segregating digital assets based on their financial goals. Since each digital asset has its own set of fundamental traits, single crypto would not fulfill goals for the short, mid, and long term. Traders have to look for multiple investment options that fit viable for the respective goal.

Are These The Apt Digital Assets For Financial Freedom?

Solana (SOL) For Short-term Hodlers?

  Solana has been holding its tag of being an Ethereum killer off-late. With the overwhelming count of adoptions, collaborations, and integrations the network has been receiving off-late. Solana built NFTs have set the market ablaze, with their lower gas fees, and faster transactions in contrast to Ethereum. And the host of NFTs on offer has been lucrative for first-time buyers.

Since the year is anticipated to be in the name of NFTs, metaverse, and gaming. It would not be wrong to expect Solana to steal the show for the short term. Until other digital assets rebound from the clutches of FED’s implementations, regulations, inflation, amongst others. Moreover, the extent of centralization and network congestion could plausibly collar the projections to the short term.

Cardano (ADA) For The Mid-term?

  Cardano, the seventh-largest crypto has sailed the rough sail since its Alonzo hard fork upgrade. However, Cardano could retrieve its lost virtues in near future, with the developmental initiatives being in the pipeline. The Plutus pioneer course alongside the Marlowe pioneer program will be imperative in instilling faith in the community.

Moreover, the on-chain metrics apace with the count of DeFis, and dApps being released and in development would be a stimulant for a moonish odyssey. The environmental initiatives with Veritree, and Samsung’s foray into the Cardano world, will eventually pave the way for bullish prices. However, ADA could be an ideal investment for the mid-term. As the dominator of utility ground, Ethereum would make a comeback with ETH 2.0, which weighs heavy on other L-1’s.

Ethereum (ETH) The Hodler’s Choice?

The second-largest cryptocurrency of the crypto realm is the only digital asset other than the star crypto Bitcoin. Which is always under active consideration be it hodlers or novices. The widespread industry exposure of Ethereum makes it ideal crypto to hodl, as it is now regarded as a safe bet. As Ethereum is now following the traits of the market leader in all terms.

The digital asset with its dominating presence in the utility ground makes it the go-to asset for deeper pockets who are more into fundamentals. In addition, the upcoming ETH 2.0 upgrade will give the asset the much-needed boost. That could take Ethereum higher both in terms of fundamentals and price. Since the merger date is not specified, Ethereum could embark on a bull run, later in the time frame.

Summing up, the aforementioned crypto assets are one of the ideal picks for the respective short, mid, and long-term goals. A similar tactic should be under consideration of traders in the industry. Sensible strategies would help investors yield more out of their investments. 

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