Terra(LUNA) Getting Ready For a New Year Blast, Will It Lead the Bull Rally 2022?

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Cryptospace is attempting to range high after swinging within a very small range for a very long time. And many assets are buckling up at a greater pace to kickstart the new year with an extreme bullish momentum. And hence, Terra(LUNA) price is also flowing through the trend and eventually attempting to jump high, yet a 3-digit target may remain pretty tough. 

The LUNA price consolidated along the crucial support levels for a couple of days after hitting hard from after reaching the ATH. The asset withstood the trembled situation much earlier than the other tokens and ignited itself to march towards the previous positions. Additionally, the asset is maintaining the uptrend line firmly that indicates the bull run is yet to restart soon. 

Terra price was below $0.1 when it initiated trade for the year 2021 and ranged to hit a 3-digit figure before the end of year 2021. No doubt currently, the price is facing tough times with minor variations, yet the asset possesses extreme bullish tendency with the beginning of the new year 2022. 

Currently, the LUNA price is attempting to achieve the immediate resistance levels at $92.39, yet falling a little short. Maybe the buyers lag enough strength and luckily the sellers are limited within some numbers.

Hence despite a lower buying volume yet the selling did not impact the price much. And the popular DeFi token could lead the 2022 bull run in the upcoming days. 

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