The Best APYs: Oryen Network, Near Protocol, And Ravencoin

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When looking for strong returns on your investment and solid passive income yields, the crypto industry can dramatically outpace options available in traditional finance. This is a crucial benefit of crypto and could help introduce more regular investors to the potential of DeFi. But these investments aren’t entirely without risk, so strong research is still crucial.

Analysts recently selected three of the best passive earning options in crypto, with APYs that dwarf those seen with traditional investments. These tokens are ORY, NEAR, and RVN, and they could all be credible investments for your portfolio right now. Here’s why:

Oryen Network (ORY)

With an APY of a vast 90%, it’s not surprising that ORY is already starting to gain attention from broader parts of the crypto world. And it could be key in bringing the passive earning potential of DeFi further into the mainstream thanks to the groundbreaking Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT), which eliminates barriers to entry that have prevented mass adoption of DeFi earning protocols. With OAT, you don’t have to move your tokens to stake them on external platforms, and regular rewards are paid directly into your wallet from holding the token. This makes it the easiest and most secure way to earn in crypto and the best new investment for your portfolio right now.

Near Protocol (NEAR)

Near Protocol offers a strong 30.49% APY when staked on Binance. While this isn’t as strong as the yields available with ORY, it’s still considerably more than most other investments. Near also isn’t as easy to earn with as with ORY because you still have to move the tokens to Binance and manage to stake yourself. However, it’s still a credible investment for the future.

Ravencoin (RVN)

While RVN doesn’t offer yields as high as ORY or NEAR, it’s still a recommended investment by industry experts. With a range of innovative features that aim to improve peer-to-peer transfer options for users, Ravencoin could be gearing up for strong bullish growth.


You might want to turn to crypto for the best passive income yields. Especially the likes of ORY, NEAR, and RVN, which each offer huge potential. Especially ORY, which could be the best new crypto project ever.

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