The Metaverse is a Half Trillion Revenue Opportunity! Why Is It the Perfect Time to Invest For Tech Firms?

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The everlasting development across the crypto space has given rise to the evolution of diverse cryptocurrency projects. Notably, DeFi, NFT gaming, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 projects flourished one after the other right through the year. Metaverse projects have taken the world by storm in Q4 as a majority of the projects based on Metaverse blossomed with gigantic gains. 

As Metaverse projects exploit a vast range of benefits across all sections of the space, mainstream businesses are aggregating to build the masterclass metaverse world. The Crypto fraternity appears to be highly confident in Metaverse, where folks are hopeful of its market cap to hit the half-trillion market cap in the near future.

This is How Mainstream Is Building Metaverse!

Metaverse projects making headway to generate approximately half a trillion market cap in the near future. starting from reputed tech firms to pop stars and all the cities, more are moving ahead to enter the virtual world plot. The top 5 emerging players are being the builders, designers, celebrities, engineers, and governments are aggregating to build the masterpiece. 

Did you know the global metaverse market could hit nearly $42 billion globally by 2026?

From tech giants to pop stars and entire cities, more are racing to embrace these virtual worlds.

Here are 5 major players emerging in the metaverse.

— Thomson Reuters Foundation News (@TRF_Stories) December 22, 2021

The Builders

Metaverse space had been garnering traction of a larger user base post-Facebook’s rebrand to Meta. Primary tech-firms building the space is being Meta and Microsoft are working from roots to build and develop the futuristic technology underpinning it. 

The Designers

When the technology is ready to go live, the next big role would be of designers who could create appealing virtual space. Notably, popular sportswear firm Nike has collaborated with virtual shoe company RTFKT studios to create an entirely new digital world “NIKE LAND”.  In addition, Space had raised $7 million to create a metaverse project that allows users to build virtual spaces for gaming, arts, music, and more. 

The Celebrities

When the technology is well built and designed, the next big thing is to reach the product to a larger audience. Pop superstar ArianaGrande had recently participated in FortniteGame’s metaverse to engage with the product’s digital audience. Interim, SnoopDogg is creating his own “Snoopverse” where users can participate and attend exclusive parties. 

The Engineers

The metaverse is proving that it is here to stay with constant evolution. The engineers are building the virtual space to the next level. Interestingly, Boeing which is dedicated to advancing aerospace has shown interest to build its next airplane in Metaverse. According to reports UK’s DeHealth to build a 3D healthcare metaverse world. 

The Governments

Further interesting development revealed an interesting concept of how the governments across different countries are taking this plight to next level. Barbados is planning to build the world’s first metaverse embassy in the Decentraland platform. Whilst, Seoul city intends to build a virtual city hall by 2023 where people of the state can meet public officials and can attend virtual avatars via virtual space. 

Collectively, Metaverse is an emerging technology that poses the solid potential to encompass the mainstream firms in the upcoming years. Already reputed tech firms are started building their unique virtual space from the music industry to sports to aerospace and more. It is highly anticipated that the space could alone hit a half a trillion market cap. Therefore, as the space is still at its nascent stage of development it is the perfect time to invest in the section. 

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