This Altcoin Poised To Lead The Next Crypto Bull Run – Predicts Raoul Pal

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According to former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal, one competitor to Ethereum (ETH) is poised to overshadow the rest of the market. He predicts that during the next bull cycle Solana (SOL) will outperform major Altcoins.

Pal: Decoding the Altcoin which may drive the bulls

The analyst has pointed out that Solana (SOL) blockchain has been experiencing technical challenges as of late, in his recent ask me anything (AMA) session he claimed that this does not diminish the Ethereum competitor’s skyrocketing activity on-chain or network growth.

I like Solana. Yes, I am aware that it frequently malfunctions. Yes, I am aware that everyone is aware of it; therefore, there is no advantage in terms of knowledge. Solana will likely do well in the upcoming upcycle, in my opinion, assuming it survives breaking, is one of the biggest crypto protocols, and has the most activity of any chain besides Ethereum.

In Pal’s view, the expansion of the central bank’s balance sheets is a key driver of most asset classes, and this expansion has a negative effect on fiat currencies.

Pal’s Bullish Outlook on Digital Assets

Given that they are one of the only sectors that can, in the long run, outperform currency debasement in real terms, the macro specialist is optimistic about digital assets.

One of the most intriguing questions is whether or not the debasement of fiat currencies can be beaten when everything is divided by the central bank’s balance sheet. 

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and tech stocks are the only investments you need to make right now because they both benefit from long-term technological developments. 

Real estate, like everything else, is pretty much flat since nothing is doing better than the Fed’s balance sheet. It serves its purpose, helping you preserve rather than increase your riches.

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