Top-10 NFT Collections With High Potential To Watch Out

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Though the metaverse is not new, the rise of NFTs, DeFi, and crypto and their merger motivated entrepreneurs who were convinced that it was timely to further explore the technology.

It is even more refreshing that Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg recently highlighted the metaverse’s potential.

Facebook even rebranded to Meta in late 2021, signaling its restructure to focus on the futuristic technology.

The metaverse merges interesting aspects of crypto and DeFi. However, a big part of the metaverse is NFTs. There have been top NFTs collections before.

The Bored Apes Yacht Club and CryptoPunks are prime examples. Nonetheless, the fast-evolving nature of the sphere coupled with the billions being lined up for the metaverse has seen several high potential NFT collections spring.

For retail collectors actively scanning their NFT calendar and on the lookout for high potential NFTs, the deluge of potentially high-value NFT collections are windows of endless opportunities.

To gauge the market sentiment and capture the investment thought of NFT traders, we recently conducted a survey. We reached out to the top 1,000 NFT traders asking them to rate the attractiveness of the upcoming high potential NFT collections.

These NFTs were ranked based on several critical distinguishing aspects such as virality, media presence, and uniqueness on a scale between 1 and 10.

In the end, we compiled the average score into a spreadsheet, calculated the total sum, and sorted the total average by score.

#NameUniquenessPotential increase in valueViralityMedia presenceExecutionTotal Points1More than Gamers (MTG)101091010492Journey of Stardust9109109473Meta Watches899910454Russian Punkz89998435X Factions89889426SolSand78889407Monkey Heist Club (MHC)89778398Rich Dwarves Tribe97679389Vee Friends679783710MekaVerse6697836

By sorting scores, the idea was to quickly figure out which of these ranked NFTs projects, based on the opinion of top NFTs traders, were likely to gain traction and succeed in the future. 

Overview of the Top-10 Potential NFTs to Watch

More than Gamers (MTG)

More than Gamers (MTG) is a collection of 10,000 generative 3D side profile characters fighting for survival in the Gamers’ expansive metaverse. The game is all about skills, competition, and the quest for glory.

The project was co-founded by Aaron Kirshenberg, a renowned gaming entrepreneur, and Nicholas Amos, an eSport manager.

The idea behind MTG is to leverage modern technologies (the metaverse) by releasing a more engaging platform for all participants, including gamers and communities, thrusting NFTs into the mainstream. 

Less than ten days after releasing its trailer, MTG amassed over 10 million views on YouTube, helping the project acquire more than 100k followers.

By early January 2022, OpenSea statistics show that there are over 6,500 MTG holders, with each NFT available at a base price of 0.35 ETH.

The project also raised $8 millions in their seed round from QGlobe in early January 2022. Prominent investors in the seed round included Apollo Green, who manages a renowned Silicon Valley Family office, and Sarah Austin, who founded the first community to what eventually became Twitch. 

Journey of Stardust

The Journey of Stardust is a 100-page collection of comics inspired by another top NFTs project, BitColors. Overall, each comic page exists as an NFT compliant with the ERC-1175 standard.

The NFT collection tells the story of Stardust, who is a young wizard on an adventure, available to readers as comics with provenance on Ethereum.

Comics is a multi-billion dollar industry further popularized by initiatives such as Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and DC films. Therefore, the decision to mint Journey of Stardust comics as NFTs is strategic.

Readers, for the first time, get a chance to be “owners” while the author reaches a wider, global audience.

Meta Watches

Meta Watches is an NFT project by Axonic, a German software company. Inspired by their love for watches and NFTs, its developers are building functional watches leveraging Ethereum.

Meta Watches unbundle watch design from hardware to release a digital version of traditional luxury watches fusing cutting-edge consumer technology.

Their watches exist as NFTs with different names. Each watch can find utility in owners’ phones, VR, the metaverse, spaceship, and more.

While Meta Watches work on the web browser, the team plans to avail them on other devices and as wearables on the metaverse before establishing their company.

The public mint of 1234 Meta Watches is from January 8 to 10, 2022, while the reveal will be on January 10, 2022. Each watch has a mint price of 0.08 ETH.

Russian Punkz

Russian Punkz is a collection of 3,333 Russian Punkz minted in Q4 2021 and inspired by Larva Labs’ Crypto punks on Solana. They are available on Magic Eden with a floor price of 0.10 SOL.

Overall, the project aims to onboard retail users from Russia and its environs into the Solana NFT sphere.

The project’s creators activated the Nuclear Tickets airdrop in early January 2022 with plans of minting Nuclear Punkz in Q1 2022.

During this time, they also plan to release their ecosystem’s fungible token, COMRADE, and before activating staking capabilities. 

X Factions

X Factions is a metaverse game based on a dystopian future created by Axel and Dark Meta Labs. The project is minting out 7k X Faction NFTs, during which there will be 30 Golden Jokers hidden.

Users who successfully mint a Golden Joker will immediately receive $10k. After the public auction is complete, the team will build a Battle Royale game using the 7k X Faction NFTs.


The developers of SolSand claim their project to be more than art. Instead, they are among the first building the first phase of the SolanaVerse and aim to be Solana’s leading utility-based NFT.

There will be 5k SolSand, of which owners can hold digital land in the SolanaVerse.

Monkey Heist Club

The Monkey Heist Club (MHC) is a story about 5,555 animated monkeys that become famous thieves minted as NFTs on Ethereum.

MHC NFTs was launched fairly without a presale, and holders benefit from the platform’s comics and play-to-earn-game. 

Rich Dwarves Tribe

The Rich Dwarves Tribe is an NFT collection comprising 4,999 unique 3D Dwarves compliant with the ERC-721 standard on Ethereum.

Singers NeYo and Jason Derulo are part of the tribe. Each Rich Dwarves Tribe’s NFT is also stored on the decentralized storage platform, IPFS.

Vee Friends

Vee Friends is an NFT project by influencer and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. It is built around creating a community and protecting intellectual property (IP) where holders of Vee Friends gain access to Gary’s conferences.


The MekaVerse is a collection of 8,888 generative Mekas inspired by Japan Mecha universes by 3D artists Mattey and Matt B.

Each Mekas bears its color palette and has hundreds of unique elements in line with the creators’ inclination of quality over quantity. Down their roadmap, the team aims to allow for the printing out of 3D Mekas toys.

Notable Observations

Despite the bear crypto market of early January 2022, the NFT calendar is jam-packed with activities. Most projects are keen to be part of the expanding metaverse and are minting out utility NFTs in that regard.

For instance, More than Gamers (MTG) is minting 10k 3D side profile characters for their metaverse. Notable exceptions are Journey of Stardust—aimed at Comics—and Meta Watches, whose developers are releasing functional watches as NFTs.

Even with scaling concerns, most projects launch in Ethereum and auction on OpenSea. As from the above list, Russian Punkz and SolSand are launching on Solana.

Final Thoughts

The increasing acceptance of NFTs is an opportunity for retail investors, especially as the metaverse gains momentum.

In 2021, the NFTs market rose to $41 billion, narrowing the gap with the fine arts market. Last year, conventional marketplaces sold roughly $50 billion of art.

Tapping on the success of NFTs, traditional auction markets like Christie’s and Sotheby’s are now selling NFTs. High potential NFT projects appear to be positioning themselves with More than Gamers (MTG) auctioning NFTs for their metaverse on OpenSea.

At the same time, projects like Vee Friends, Journey of Stardust, and Meta Watches are keen on linking the real world to the digital using NFTs.

Meanwhile, Solana seems to be an option for projects put off by the scaling challenges in Ethereum. Russian Punkz and SolSand command decent trading volumes and traction in the SolanaVerse.

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