tZERO and Earn partner up for real-estate backed digital securities liquidity

Earn is expected to provide extra liquidity to the tZERO platform through exposure to its issuers of property-backed digital securities.

tZERO ATS, a broker-dealer which facilitates the secondary trading of digital security tokens, has partnered up with commercial real estate and finance platform, according to a joint announcement on March 3.

The partnership will allow commercial property issuers on to provide extra liquidity for the trading of digital assets on tZERO ATS, subject to the platform’s due diligence.

Earn supplies software solutions for the issuance of digital securities backed by real estate. Its users can employ blockchain technology to finance commercial real estate and create fractional shares of debt instruments and equity backed by real estate.

tZERO CEO Saum Noursalehi said that the new partnership would benefit tZERO by increasing its exposure to would-be property issuers of digital securities:

“This alliance will increase tZERO’s exposure to forward-thinking commercial property issuers of digital securities that are seeking an innovative, liquidity solution.”

Earn CEO Aaron Lohman, talked up the utility of digital securities, adding that the association with tZERO would expose Earn customers to some of the latest financing tools. 

“Earn is committed to ongoing technology and systems development, and ensuring our users have access to the latest tools available to enhance their real estate financing and investment activities. We believe digital securities are the future of the industry and are excited to partner with tZERO ATS, the leading venue for secondary liquidity in the industry,” he said.

 tZERO is a subsidiary of Medici Ventures — itself a wholly-owned subsidiary of Overstock. Security token trade activity sunk towards the end of 2020, with volumes falling by more than half month-on-month.

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