Uniglo.io 55% Price Surge Could Lead To More BSC, Ethereum, And Fantom Whales Investing In It

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Despite the current bear run, Uniglo has managed to astound onlookers by surging 55% in price during its pre-sale. This news makes it one of the best performers in the crypto space over the last few months and one that’s still primed for growth further down the line, especially when it gets listed on more mainstream exchanges.

Analysts think Uniglo could help solve the world’s inflationary issues and has critical benefits over other cryptos and traditional fiat currencies. That’s why investors in Ethereum (ETH) and Fantom (FTM) are moving their funds into GLO. It’s still available at reduced prices in pre-sale, so now could be the perfect time to buy.

Uniglo (GLO)

GLO has continued to thrive in its final pre-sale phase with the most substantial set of deflationary measures ever. There’s still time left, but you might need to act fast before you miss out on even more gains.

GLO works by building a fully asset-backed store of value that’s diversified into a range of products, including NFTs, other cryptos and more. Therefore, this gives it an actual reserve and a strength to its base price that protects it against market volatility. GLO also uses radical burn technology to increase scarcity over time alongside a community-driven approach that listens to its users and gives them a say in key decisions. All these reasons and more are why GLO could be gearing up for the big time.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

The Binance Smart Chain is integral to the Binance exchange ecosystem and home to its own currency, BNB. It has been fully optimized to provide the fastest trading mechanics in crypto, helping make Binance itself one of the go-to platforms in the space, especially for newcomer investors. However, there’s a reason these investors are moving over to GLO, as they see much greater potential there.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum has had an interesting few months and remains at the core of the blockchain development world, with thousands of interesting apps created in its ecosystem. ETH has recently made technological improvements during its merge to ETH 2.0, aiming to fix previous issues by improving transaction costs and speeds. It still has a solid future, but you might get a better ROI with GLO right now.

Fantom (FTM)

As a highly scalable and fertile development ecosystem, FTM is already home to projects like SpookySwap. It also offers investors a range of income-earning options and could still be a strong addition to your portfolio. But FTM whales have started moving to GLO as they see much more significant upsides.


FTM, BSC, and ETH are all solid investments right now. But they aren’t as strong as GLO, which is attracting whales from across the crypto industry. It could be the perfect addition to your portfolio for the coming months.

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Join Presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register

Website: https://uniglo.io

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