Unleashing the power of asset ownership in DeFi with London Real host Brian Rose

In this week’s Cryptonites interview, London Real founder and host Brian Rose, who “did a 180” back in 2011, when he said goodbye to his Wall Street banker lifestyle and started broadcasting on YouTube, talks about applying his 15-year experience in trading on the TradFi markets to educating people about DeFi.

In 10 years of London Real, Rose hosted more than 1000 guests broadcast to 2 million subscribers, and some of them, he said, forced him out of his comfort zone by learning and by taking action–consequently changing his life.

When he set up his DeFi Academy, Rose decided to use the same approach, and push people to decentralized exchanges (DEXes) with small stakes–making them really uncomfortable, so they can learn very fast.

Here are some of Rose’s impactful quotes from the interview, in which the famous broadcaster shared his view on the future of DeFi, the disruptive power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and why looking at gaming space can offer a valuable insight into what’s coming next.

NFTs and the gaming industry

“I think every artist needs to challenge themselves. There’s something you are missing–that the fan wants–that in the past you couldn’t deliver,” said Rose when asked about his opinion on the latest NFT market trends.

While referencing Raoul Pal, Rose said he fully agrees with the former hedge fund manager’s view that NFTs should be adding more value, as opposed to extracting value from fans.

“We’ll see mistakes, we’ll see bubbles and bursts, and then we’ll see things that blow our mind, where you’re like–wow, that’s five dimensions I never even understood–and that’s all gonna be in NFTs,” predicted Rose, noting that in the current NFT market, one can distinguish between “land grabs” that look like mistakes and “intelligent moves” which actually add value.

“I think gaming is actually the precursor to all of this,” argued Rose.

While referencing Celsius Network founder and CEO Alex Mashinsky, he broke down how looking at the gaming space can help us foresee the future trajectory.

“They’ve got people with identities–with already tokenization going on for a long time. They have a glimpse at the Metaverse,” he pointed out, noting that “the gaming industry is almost way ahead of us.”

A paradigm shift

“I think honestly–we just need a real relationship with our money–and that’s what owning Bitcoin is, or even financing Ethereum on Aave–it’s you for the first time in your life actually having a relationship with your money, whereas before the bank held it. You were told implicitly or, you know, subconsciously–you’re not smart enough for it,” said Rose, as he referenced Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad personal finance best seller.

According to him, crypto represents a paradigm shift–introducing asset ownership to, indiscriminately, the widest variety of people, while empowering them on more levels than just financial.

“Soon as you can own an asset–which used to mean only real estate, maybe owning a company, maybe buying gold, and now you can own a token, you can own a coin, and its already getting you in that mindset–my money works for me,” commented Rose.

Watch the full episode below.

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