Who Will Sustain Under Top 5, Solana (SOL) or Ripple (XRP)? Eco-Friendly Competition Underway!

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Two chief altcoins Solana and Ripple are competing with each other to build eco-friendly blockchain technology. Amid rising global warming and pandemic there is a need for carbon-neutral technology. Hence, the majority of the cryptocurrencies are taking initiatives to lessen environmental impacts and accomplish Carbon neutrality as soon as possible. 

Ripple has taken XRP has recently taken an initiative to enhance energy usage. XRPL is carbon neutral and makes use of a security and validation algorithm known as Federated Consensus which is roughly 120,000 times more energyintensive than Proof-of-Work. Moreover, XRPL is known as the first-ever carbon-neutral blockchain. 

Solana Competes With XRP to Achieve Carbon Neutrality!

While XRP was moving ahead of all the cryptocurrencies in terms of achieving carbon neutrality, Solana has taken a step to compete with it. The Solana foundation has confirmed in their recent upgrade that Solana Blockchain achieved carbon neutrality for 2021. 

1/ The Solana Foundation is proud to announce that the @solana blockchain is carbon neutral for 2021!

We also pledge to work with the broader community to ensure the network remains carbon neutral through 2022 and beyondhttps://t.co/Ejub7nGwU3

— Solana Foundation (@SolanaFndn) December 23, 2021

The coin has become the center of attraction of crypto town for months now. With the year approaching an incredible end, Solana pushed itself to achieve carbon neutrality despite having executed more than 47 billion transactions year to date. 

XRPL was heading with its monopoly, where it has collaborated with central bank authorities of Bhutan and Palau to assist build a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). As per the American blockchain firm, XRPLs carbon neutral was a crucial selling point when it comes to collaborating with Palau.

However, Solana is slowly chugging up to encounter XRPLs dominance. The network had confirmed that it used 1939 joules that is about 0.00053 kWh per transaction. In contrast, one XRP requires 0.0079 kWh to execute one transaction. There is a considerable difference in the consumption of energy Solana appears to be leading the race. 

Collectively, green is in season, it is the need of the hour. Solana and XRP are being the early players who get in the game. However, Solana performing well in terms of price action as well as upgrades. Yet XRP awaits to get clearance from the prevailing lawsuit, the new year could play a decisive role for the cryptocurrency. 

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