Will Cardano’s Catalysts Help ADA Price Sleigh North To $5 This Holiday Season?

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Christmas is just around the corner, and the crypto-verse remains elated and lively. The digital assets from the crypto town are doling out greener numbers. The market cap of the business is currently up by 4.4% at $2,516,472,075,112. While the volume of trades for 24-hours is at $119,260,132,770. Cardano has been zestful, as the protocol has been making rounds in discussions across public platforms.

The sixth-largest crypto has been burning the midnight oil with its fundamentals. The price of ADA is currently up by 8% at $1.46. The team behind the blockchain has been putting in plausible efforts, which have been distinct from the market. The protocol has been receiving adoptions, and partnerships at a steady pace, while the price action has been zealous.

Christmas Presents: Cardano’s Escalating Utility!

  Flickto the Cardano-powered community media launchpad, has made announcements that its IDO (Initial DEX Offering) will take place between the 27th of December and the 30th of December on Cardano-centric launchpad Kick.io. Participants need to hold KICK tokens, native governance, and utility tokens of the Kick.io launchpad.

Cardano Foundation forms an alliance with ECO-AGE to empower architects.  ECO-AGE will be leveraging NFTs on the Cardano blockchain to award the winners of the Renaissance awards. Cardano has made its way into the top-10 coins by Galaxy score on Lunar Crush. Cardano hosts more validators than any other prominent players, with 3140 validators around the globe.

The on-chain metrics of Cardano have been astounding for the current year. The count of native assets minted is at 2.5 million, with 69,960 mints recorded in a day. The total transaction sum is 23.8 million, with a wallets count of 2.58 million. Over 977k wallets have been delegated at 71.4%. Other stats include 3,145 stake pools, over 900 Plutus scripts, and close to 40k policies.

Catalysts For Cardano’s Lunar Odyssey In Q1 Of 2022

 The current year has been adventurous for the Cardano blockchain, as the network has seen numerous events. The collective efforts of which could bring virtues for the protocol and the asset’s price in the first quarter of 2022. Which has been due for the current year.

Successively, the first quarter of the year had introduced the Mary Hard Fork update. Which brought in the availability of native tokens and multi-asset ledger. The protocol was also named among CV, VC, and PwC’s top 50 projects in the blockchain. Over $500,000,000 of ADA was delegated to mission-driven stake pools.

The team has hosted events such as Cardano’s Africa show, the launch of developer portal, bug bounty program. Alonzo hard fork update, Cardano Summit, environment cautious initiative with Veritree, Hydra scaling solution amongst others. 

Collectively, with developmental works of scaling with the Basho era, and with the resolutions to shortcomings in place. We can expect Cardano breaking through the clutches set by the bears. Hopefully, Cardano makes its trajectory in line with fellow altcoins in the Q1 of 2022.That could take the valuation by a storm towards the $5 milepost.

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