Will Polygon’s Initiative Slash Its Valuation By Half Ahead Of The Alt Season?

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The cryptoholic traders and hodlers from the coin market now have a vast array of investment options to plump for their portfolio. The ever evolving crypto market has been generous for newer projects to establish their reign in the crypto town. Wherefore, emerging protocols have made hay while the sun shines.

Out of the many protocols, Polygon has been engraving history with its fundamentally robust protocol. And the impetus coming in from adopters, deep pocketed investors and retailers. The platform’s foray into booming sectors has been an added advantage for a moonish rise in recent times. Polygon has managed to instill faith in masses in the crypto verse.

Polygon’s Spiralling Utility?

 In a plethora of updates being added to Polygon’s use cases, the recent updates come from Project galaxy introducing Galaxy OAT. For event organisers to distribute NFT badges and create NFTs for life experiences at ease with project galaxy. The initiative will be co-launched with polygon and NFT storage, by IPFS a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol and filecoin.

In addition, UNXD a digital luxury and cultural NFTmarketplace built on Polygon network and Decentraland. Will be hosting their first metaverse fashion week in 2022. The team is inviting designers, brands, and fashion savvies. The program will see catwalk shows and showcases, pop up shops, after parties and more. The show is scheduled from march 24 – 27 2022.

The ever growing list also includes Guardian link, which has been empowering creators within an NFT launchpad. Successively Chakra the invincible NFT drop with Polygon with Beyond life club alongside Polygon and Polygon studios.

The community is anxiously anticipating Coinbase to team up with Polygon for their upcoming NFT marketplace. Which could bring immense impetus to the protocol, as 2.5 million users are waiting to hop onto the bandwagon.

Collectively, the protocol has been scripting history for scaling solutions, which would empower more to follow its footsteps. The makers of Polygon have justified the recent hard fork, the reason for which was the need to fix the vulnerability in one of the verified contracts. They are optimistic of Polygon being the top 3 project in near future.

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