Will This Help Shiba Inu Price Surge 72% In The January Of 2022?

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The crypto-sphere has fallen prey to yet another round of corrections. Wherefore the space has shed its valuation by about 2.9%, taking the numbers to $2,304,270,742,485. The side winds have pushed the sail of the business astray from the objectives. The wrath of which has been faced by the price projections of digital assets, which have lost double-digit gains during the supercycle.

Howbeit, the side winds have failed to muffle the interests of institutions, and developmental initiatives. Shiba Inu has been transcending ahead of its rivals with adoptions, institutional interests, and developmental initiatives. One of the recent updates includes the AMA session, and buzz around the listing on Robinhood, which has taken public platforms by storm.

Will Shiba Inu Pounce Back On The Bulls?

Shiba Inu’s first Twitter Spaces AMA session with David Gokshtein and the team had gone live earlier today. The session had to sail through technical difficulties owing to an overwhelming influx of the Shib army. The session was host to about 11,000 attendees.

The makers of the meme coin Shiba Inu have announced that Shibarium, a layer-2 network on Ethereum will employ its primary token as BONE. While BONE will be used for gas fees, LEASH will be tied with NFTs. Layer-2 aims to provide lower gas fees, and will be an in-house platform for transactions to process. The focus of the team will be on gaming, metaverse, and Shibarium for the incoming year.

Steven Cooper from Bigger Entertainment has announced that it will be burning $100,000 in SHIB while building MIXDRAFT. Which is a music fantasy league game. The firm will also be building the SHIB FIT fitness app as well. On the other hand, sources suggest that Robinhood users have been reporting that “Crypto Gift” appears in search results when searching for the word Shiba. This is not the case with other cryptos.

Collectively, Shiba Inu has been pouncing on newer accomplishments, despite the price being stuck in rut. Which instills faith in a bullish run in due course of time. The ever-growing list of achievements also includes the milestone of surpassing 1,100,000 total holders. And about 4 Billion SHIB being burnt in December alone. Hopefully, SHIB gulps another zero in 2022.

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