A Review Of The Universe Island, An action Game With NFT Features.

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The Universe Island is a third-person action game with NFT features and an underlying storyline.

In the Universe Island, players will experience narrative-driven combat, cryptocurrency rewards, and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) equipment progression.

The Game Plot

The Story takes place in the metaverse, which is divided into islands.

Each island represents a game world, like Avatar Island (similar to Blizzard’s Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm), where players will spend most of their time.

The story begins with the Anime Girl trapped on a volcanic island, where she is afraid and seeks refuge from the unknown.

The Anime Girl’s first goal is to learn more about the unknown location where she awoke.

Engaging Community – Community Event with an Interesting Twist

The incentive to spend time within the Universe Island encourages tournaments, competitions, and other reward-giving community events.

Daily challenges provide guaranteed entertainment to the gamers for hours on end. The most devoted gamers will get a special NFT for completing monthly goals.Players vie in tournaments to display their talents and win cryptocurrency prizes.Extra energy and gear equivalent to that of the NFTs are available through daily and weekly tasks.

In the ‘infinity design’ series, there will be five tiers of NFT upgrade cards, starting with the rarest

Game Play and Matchmaking

Two or more opponents will be placed in a random location on the map at the start of a match.

To win, players must eliminate their foes while also avoiding or eliminating AI-controlled threats along the way.

Universe Island employs a matchmaking algorithm based on an ‘Energy Point’ mechanism to combine players with comparable ranks and skill levels to compete and win lucrative $UIM (Universe Island’s native currency) token rewards.

To optimize their gameplay, players must plan carefully how they use their energy and recharge times.

Matches might last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the game. Gamers who don’t have a lot of time to spend playing games will be able to participate and enjoy it whenever they want.

NFT Cards

Exchanges, anyone? No. Instead, players may buy and sell existing NFT cards exclusively on the UIM NFT Marketplace, where they can participate in auctions for freshly minted, rare, and limited editions of NFT cards put up directly by UNIVERSE ISLAND LLC to help fund the project’s development.

Other advantages of using/staking the native token include:

The UIM NFT marketplace is a great way to buy and sell NFTs without any extra fees which shows that you only need to pay the gas fees, which is much lower than on other exchanges.The token staking concept is a great idea and it puts the power of monthly revenues back in the hands of community members instead of investors.A great incentive for holding tokens is that as a holder you stand to gain more benefits. In fact, the more you hold, the better your status will be and the greater the in-game advantages.

Token details

The Universe Island metaverse ecosystem will use the $UIM token as its native currency.

Players will be able to spend $UIM in-game on items and gameplay, as well as farming/staking on the universe.

The tokens are planned to be applied for in-game market purchases/sales, with reduced costs on the platform.

The tokens will also perform administrative functions, allowing investors to have a say in future development and voting rights of the Universe Island metaverse.

Future Developments

Future games will include daily and weekly activities, as well as tournaments and special NFTs for dedicated participants.

There will also be the option for players to create a home on a selected island, as well as many other community-driven events.

For more information on Universe Island, go to the following sites:

WebsiteTelegram ChatDiscordTwitterMedium


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