Angelo Galasso Launches 24 NFTs in Association with Doc Lee of

Carrying on the legacy of Interno8 and Billionaire Couture, two luxury menswear brands, Angelo Galasso founded his eponymous luxury goods and jewelry brand in 2009. Manufactured in Italy, Angelo’s products address modern men’s needs and high expectations in quality, design, and image. 

In 2010, Altered Tv launched its brand as the creator of enticing artworks and designs, pushing the envelope for art, design, and animation.

A little more than a decade later, these two firms have come together to create something that can shift the paradigms for fashion and the scope of blockchain technology in the fashion industry. 

Angelo Galasso has launched its first collection of nonfungible tokens (NFT) to imply the exclusivity of its handmade items by bringing together the digital and the physical in a unique compiled offering. 

Doc Lee, a digital artist and the creative director of Altered. tv will be in charge of designing the NFT artwork. Lee has previously worked with brands such as Jaguar, Disney, and Cartier.

There will be a total of 24 NFTs, each representing a unique artwork by Doc Lee. These artworks will have high-quality items specifically designed by Angelo Galasso for the collection complementing them. 

To give an overview of the items, an AG City Backpack, developed from personalized grain reinforced canvas with geometric motifs printed on it, will be up for auction. It will be showing Angelo Galasso’s iconic AG Dragon Logo and a finely engraved egg button detail, indicating the association of the NFT art with the product. 

There will also be a crypto credit card wallet and a key or hardware wallet ring. While the backpack will have five NFT pairs, the keyring and the credit card wallet will have twelve and seven pairs. 

The entire introductory package of NFT offerings is available for auction on OpenSea as the genesis collection. The winner of the auction will become the sole registered owner of the associated physical item. The delivery of the item to any location around the world is free of cost. Angelo Galasso will also be refunding the gas costs incurred to purchase the NFT. Anyone willing to have a physical pick up of the item can have so from the Angelo Galasso store, Knightsbridge in London.

According to Luce Pepere, the CEO of Angelo Galasso, technologies relating to the blockchain and NFT’s can help the fashion industry reduce counterfeiting without the buyers having to compromise on the brand experience. 

Doc Lee is also equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. “The idea of creating an original piece of art in conjunction with an original item of luxury fashion is a unique and paradigm-shifting concept”, says Lee. The EdenBase Innovation team, a next-gen ecosystem, specialized in enabling industries with cutting-edge technologies, has facilitated the development of the items. A part of the sale proceeds will go to an environmental charity to offset part of the carbon footprint associated with the NFT.


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